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Meet the New BerryReview Mobile App!

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This has been a long time coming and I am happy to say the BerryReview Mobile app is now available in App World. The new app is powered by the great team at Polar Mobile and gives you access to the latest BerryReview news from your BlackBerry. When RIM acquired Viigo awhile ago they stopped supporting our previous app and Polar Mobile did a great job of picking up where they left off with loads of new features.

Features of the new BerryReview Mobile App include:

  • Access to the latest BerryReview articles on your BlackBerry
  • Push alerts for new articles
  • Notification icon showing number of unread articles
  • Integration with your messages application if you wish
  • Submit articles to Twitter
  • Email articles to yourself or to a friend
  • Increase and decrease the font size in the app

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So what are you waiting for? The Polar Mobile team has done a great job with this app and you should definitely download it! Let us know if you have any comments and suggestions for the app below or through our contact us page.

You can pick up the totally free BerryReview Mobile app at the links below:


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  1. this is pretty bad @ss! definitely gonna help the site get more users

  2. Sweet, just downloaded it now.

  3. Great app! I have two suggestions:
    -Have a “Mark all as read” option
    -Integrate comments into the app instead of opening the site when you click comments


  4. I get an error message saying that: we are unable to activate your application at this time, please ensure you have sufficient network coverage and try again.
    I have 3G 5 bar coverage by the way

    • same for me…
      but 3G is there and other apps are working. even switch WIFI on doesn’t help.
      using advanced… network settings … setting BIS doesn’t work
      same error
      (OS 6 , 9800)

      • Very odd guys we had the team test it and it worked fine. Can you send feedback through the app?
        Also did it popup the first time you installed the app to allow access for the app to connect to the internet to certain sites? Could be its a permissions issue.

        • I did get the permission pop up to allow interactions. Just set all permissions to allow and still the same issue. Just emailed the error log.

        • got the permissions dialog and just confirmed: connection permissions are set.
          emailed the error log

        • I got the 500 server error. I tried WiFi and BIS and got the same. For some reason I suspected it was that the app doesn’t like UMA. After leaving home and out of WiFi coverage it is working fine.

          So anyone else using UMA that has got the problem?

  5. Same error message for me. 3G all the way on OS 6 9700.

  6. it looks great. will it also run on the playbook I’m gonna win from you guys

  7. Congrats! I follow you through News Feeds and that seems to work well. I agree with Louis a big feature over news feeds would be if we could make comments within the app.

  8. Great job, guys! This is needed to keep up to date with PlayBook stuff 🙂 Too bad I can’t install any new apps on my Storm!!! 🙁 This is killing me!!!!!!!!!!! Enough with the leaks RIM, I NEED MY STORM 3 NOW!

  9. Do you all have an OTA link?

  10. WOW very nice!!! good job BReview!

  11. The app will not start up on my torch. I get error message “Error loading module berryreview mobile” verifyError. Please help.

  12. Cool….congrats guys!

  13. Playbook app too?

  14. Very nice, loving it. All is working well on my end.

  15. Looks nice.. I though ronen made it.. Haha

  16. I have to say when I saw this last night in app world and read that it had push I got giddy. LOL I know, I know but hey no other sites have this yet so you are ahead of the game.

  17. Awesome! Just downloaded and installed it on my 9700!

    Now I just need for AT&T to update my BB to OS6

  18. Push worked for me but I turned it off to stop that popup that kept showing up everytime I open the app.

  19. I originally had the same message “unable to activate at this time” but has since resolved itself. However, when trying to uninstall the app directly from my Torch 9800 OS it only succeeded using DM.

    Thanks for creating this valuable app Team BR!

  20. What? No iPhone app? Just kidding 🙂 Great job guys!

  21. Scrolling is kind of a pain too.

  22. No Android app?….lol. Had to try it on my bold 9700. Looks good, but while srolling down, don’t like how it jumps to highlighted points on page before it scrolls down again. A bit annoying.

  23. Good show guys!

    Works well, but would love to have the ability to use autotext / word substituion within the app (eg. putting in the extra bit acknowledging where the info is from when tweeting from the app).


    @TferThomas on twitter

  24. Sadly this asks for “Trusted Application Status”. Sorry, that’s plain lazy. Ask for the permissions only that are needed.

    Once run, app asks for access to “Location Data”. Seeing no reason a newsreader app should have access to my location, I said no. App fails to run.

    I love BerryReview, but not loving this app. Deleting. 🙁

  25. Love it, a great app.

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