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BlackBerry PlayBook Reviews Start Coming Out!

BlackBerry PlayBook Reviews

It looks like RIM has snuck out BlackBerry PlayBooks to a bunch of news sites over the last week (sadly didn’t send us one) and the reviews are just going up! There seem to be quite a few coming out so help us collect them all and share your comments below. I am sifting through all of them but let us know if you spot any goodies!

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  1. It’s interesting that many of the reviews I’ve read talk about there being significant software bugs with the playbook. I’m wondering why I never saw any of those during candid interviews of people using the playbook. Also I wonder if Blackberry is planning on coming out with that “big update” on the release day that I heard about and whether that will fix some of the software bugs.

  2. Wow. Bad reviews. Not just bad for the playbook, but poorly written.

  3. BGR’s review was surprisingly well written and thoughtful. That was a nice surprise.

  4. Most of the bad reviews are from the idiots that did not let the playbook updated to the current software version.

    CNET did the review on current version after updating the playbook and it review was good. Wire on the other hand did not and it was a bad review. In fact the guy was complaining that the playbook was bugging him to do the update!

    Something for RIM to take home, be more selective with your reviewers like apple is.

    • Yeah they kind of set themselves up to fail that way but their PR team seems kind of set in their ways. They did the same thing with the Storm and Storm 2 which more or less killed them off in the media.

  5. I have to say CrackBerry did an excellent review. Anyhow, I checked out the other reviews and I think they were more negative than I thought but still some legitimate concerns. They all seemed to be drilling at the same old theme of lack of apps, lack of email… know the usually stuff people just say when they have nothing nice to say about PlayBook. I did notice an underlining theme though. Every reviewer indirectly or directed said RIM is to be taken seriously going forward. That’s good enough for me. I like where RIM is going and I understand this is going to take time though. So get your PlayBook folks and enjoy because BlackBerry fans our future is bright!

  6. OMG horrible reviews. I am totally bummed.

    Maybe my expectations were too high but hearing that the browser doesn’t work… I thought the browse was where this thing would shine.

    While I just can’t stand the arrogance of Apple, I’m also getting tired of RIM’s buggy products. I thought they had turned the corner with QNX and the Playbook, I feel so bad to hear things are buggy with this product. 🙁

    • The iPad is slighty buggy still, and it’s been out for quite a while. I don’t think it’s as buggy as some reviewers would have you believe. They are working hard on getting the software ready for launch.

    • I understand what you mean. I was surprised to hear the browser had issues as well. One thing people have to remember is Apple and Android had wayyy more issues than RIM is having right now with a new OS (not really issues in my view). I think we all forget that RIM is restructuring and that takes time and well yes some bugs along the way. Of course as fans we want them to get it right out of the gate but I don’t think it takes away from the experience with some minor bugs. One year down the road none of us will remember about these reviews rather where the product is at that point. Like seriously the first iOS had no copy and paste and don’t get me started with androids issues. As a company you take some heat but you make sure your vision is well executed as the months go. As long as RIM executes no one will remember these bugs. With QNX I have no doubt they will execute their vision, so BlackBerry users don’t feel like they are missing anything. On a side note, is the Bold Touch sexy or what?

    • Update, after reading some more reviews I see that some reviewers are calling the browser rock solid….Yeah! 🙂

  7. Anand Tech has the best review of all, not impressed with Crackberry either

  8. Update guys. After looking at the Crackberry Review that actually has videos of this thing in action I’m much happier.

    As you said every new product will have issues, but things looked nice in those vids…. so I’m feeling better and still happy to get one.

    This will go through many OS updates. We are the willing first adopters and first adopters always have these issues.

    It’s too bad the Playbook is not perfect but that’s life.

    Some of the big complaints are a bit silly like the memory issue. Yes when you first get this multitasking baby you’ll want to open 5, 6 or 7, things at once but after the novelty wears off I don’t really see doing this.

    The browser is the big issue for me but on the crackberry vids it looks solid.

    Feeling better. Wow its late! better go to bed will be thinking of my new playbook coming. GF is going to give me the cold shoulder when I get to bed LOL!

  9. im a bit disappointed with the reviews.. special for the one of BGR

  10. I’m refusing to read reviews. Thanks to BerryReview (Go BR!) I’m getting one, so I’d rather just decide how great it is for myself.

    Plus, I’m trying to be a glass half-full kind of person this year. Trying to see the positives of everything. I’m ignoring the Debbie Downers.

  11. I’m a little disappointed with the Crackberry reviews. I thought Kevin was too critical about the Playbook. I think he is looking from the perspective of a Tech and not as the average consumer.

    (1.) RIMM has already said they would be updating their OS to include email, BBM as their native apps – in the meantime, there is the BlackBerry Bridge (hopefully Universal Search is added in updates as well).
    (2.) True, integration of apps is an important feature, but that may also be included in updates (by the way no other tablets can do that now?
    (3.) I think the swiping gestures are actually more user friendly than constantly scrolling through a sea of icons as in the IPad.

    This makes me wonder if RIMM is pursuing a sound marketing strategy – No heavy advertising strategy: allowing critics to review an older OS, so they can take it apart. Of course the PlayBook is not perfect – no tablet is, that’s what upgrades are for. Apple has been working on their tablet game for quite a while (and it still has a lot of flaws). But, as new to the market tablets go, the PlayBook is way ahead of the game.

  12. Ronen, it’s too bad ou will only get the playbook when we do, but I have to say even though I’ll have one I’m still looking forward to reading your review and impressions. You have a unique way of saying what’s what in Blackberry land.

    • thanks Kiddo. It was really painful writing the roundup today.

      • Ronen,
        For me clearly RIM’s PR team is useless. How come they allowed all of these RIM haters to review the PB. I surly feel for you!
        But no worries, I’m not wasting a penny on any RIM product before reading your full reviews – yours arw my bible, honest, colorful, precise, balanced and cover the points I care about as a 10-yr BB adict.
        I’m waiting for your review of PB!

        Your adict reader from London

      • Ha and forgot to ask all you who support BerryReview – please go to Ronen’s list above and click on his links to the other websites’ reviews. That way these website owners, and more importantly, RIM’s PR Team, will see where the majority of traffic is coming from!

  13. Nobody seems to realize that Android 3.0 has only 100 native apps for it as of March 31. I’m sure it’s going to explode, but it does take a few months to get the apps out.
    The Playbook already has 3000 apps and it’s not even released! And compared that to Windows Mobile 7’s 11,000 which has been out of 6 months now, it’s not too bad.

    BTW, some of the reviews list the version of flash @ 10.2? RIM still list 10.1 on it’s spec’s. Anyway to confirm it or get screen shot?

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