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Will BlackBerry ID Be The Death of BlackBerry OS and App Leaks?

BlackBerry ID Signup

Over the last few weeks we have seen a bit of RIMs vision on how they plan on integrating BlackBerry ID closer into the BlackBerry OS. This had me thinking over the weekend what this could possibly mean for leaked BlackBerry OS betas and the apps that are extracted from them. Currently RIM could really track down who is using leaked OS versions through PIN numbers or BIS but they choose not to. Once RIM integrates the sort of “single sign on” provided by BlackBerry ID will they be more proactive?

Think about it for a second. For example, in the beta zone RIM could simply integrate BlackBerry ID and authorize certain apps based on your ID. They could also do the same thing with BlackBerry OS beta builds simply authorizing them only on certain logins. Don’t get me wrong I am sure Hybrid builders could find a way around “Frankenstein-ing” an OS update out of its parts but its an interesting concept. I have always said it is ridiculous that RIM almost 10 logins/profiles for different systems for customers ranging from BBM, Forums, BIS, Developers, App World Vendors, etc and they need to consolidate them. The question is what will they do with the consolidation.

What do you think? Will BlackBerry ID mark the downfall of leaked OS builds and apps?

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  1. It will certainly make things both a lot more difficult for none official OS installs and apps as you say but it will make things easier for the majority of none technical users that don’t hack, constantly update of otherwise mess around with their BlackBerries. Life would be so much easier if RIM would wrench OS control back from the carriers.

  2. Real question is… WHERE ARE THE PLAYBOOK COMMERCIALS??????

  3. If this happens, I’m gone. Carrier specific OS updates are bad enough already (for normal users, not bb geeks). If I wanted a big brother controlling what’s on my phone, I would have bought an iPhone a long time ago.

  4. agree Stark.. but there is always a way to hack it.

  5. How will the BlackberryID route work for Enterprise customers. It sounds like a nightmare scenario if all of a sudden admins need login/pws just to activate or perform routine troubleshooting on devices.

  6. I’m honestly looking forward to using BBM with a non blackberry device. It looks like it will be a great advantage for users, although I’m still figuring out on how it will help RIM with the floodgates open.

  7. I sure hope not. I think the Beta leaks are what help the carriers figure out what is the best stable OS to push out. RIM would be stupid to give up on all this free testing.

    • I think that makes a lot of sense. The wider the beta testing, the better the release is likely to be.

      I also agree with Yandar that RIM needs to handle OS updates without the carriers. That way they can be a lot more responsive to issues. It’s also ridiculous that AT&T can block Blackberry Maps just to try to coerce users into their AT&T Maps and Navigation.

    • I agree – I think this would would hurt their QA efforts

  8. surely they wont try to out apple apple

  9. I believe this has something to do with having a BES and BIS account installed on the same BlackBerry, am I right?
    I read an article about it a few weeks ago and would love to hear some of the experts take on that.

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