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BlackBerry Touch Monaco/Monza Caught on Video

BlackBerry Touch video

We have seen quite a few leaks about the upcoming BlackBerry Touch codename Monaco (Verizon CDMA) and Monza (GSM) including pictures but this is the first video I know of. Piotr from let me know about a video posted by artxenonart on YouTube showing off the BlackBerry Touch. There is nothing crazy new about the device beyond what we already know but its nice to see it in action. It still looks like the picture of the “BlackBerry Storm 3” we snagged back in September.

I am not sure what language the video is in but let us know if you understand it!

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  1. Ronen, any thoughts on the branding of this device? I am hearing Storm is gone. Device number indicates its in the Torch family.

    What say you?

  2. Looks smoother than android devices. In terms of scrolling smoothness, this definitely competes with iOS.

  3. Yeah its looking real smooth

  4. I dunno what language that is but they sure say “cup” a lot.

  5. Lol it sounds kinda German

  6. Definitely looks faster and smoother than the iphone or android. If there goingt to rename it they should call it the BlackBerry Flash.

  7. yay us cellular should get that in about 3 years

  8. Looks like 6.0 but smoother, don’t get me wrong, this will make me very happy, but I thought there was some more differences. I was thinking like when you open a program or something we’d see more fancy graphics etc.

    Again I’m still happy in any case fluidity is the only thing I’m really not happy about in 6.0

    • Relax, its only a beta version. Wait until the full version comes out, it will have Steve Jobs quaking in his turtlenecks.

  9. Hey, question: At the beginning the icons backdrop was clear, which I like. Then it went black like 6.0 does anyone know what happened? Can I do that on 6.0 or is that a 6.1 feature?


    • if you look closer it said Frequent, but nothing was in his frequent slide, that why it looked empty.

      • Hi

        Thanks, but that isn’t what I meant. Even after the frequent it goes to all icons on the home screen but the background is still green, like on the Playbook. On my Torch 6.0 when you open the icon “drawer” to show all icons it is dark.

  10. Wow. Transitions and scrolling look very smooth. Id be willing to pick up one of these and drop my Torch. Looks like the wait may be worth it.

  11. looking nice..!

  12. I’m not sure if this is going to be the top blackberry dog or the Blackberry bold touch!! The touch screen looks nice, very responsive and above all very fast. Love how quickly it goes from landscape to portrait!!

    Like someone here said. It looks more polished than some other android phones.

  13. I wish the USB was near the top so I can have it charging while still in the case! I never liked that my Storm had to sit out while charging.

  14. After watching a few times, I must say that this looks very close to finished. Another few weeks and we should see this out in stores. Yaayy!!!! I think that perhaps RIM has had to accelerate these new devices since they really don’t have any decently competitive devices to sell.

    Folks, hear me out! The site shows:

    1. The Storm 2 (a two year old device that should have been retired early last year)! The Storm 3 is hopelessly late!!!!
    2. Is anyone still buying a Tour? How old is that geezer??
    3. The Style and Pearl are niche products, especially the Pearl.
    4. The Curve 3G and Bold 9780s & 9650s are starting to show age.
    5. That leaves the Torch, which is also aging fast. In fact, some would say it was already aged at launch compared to the competition.

    Nevertheless, I will argue that the Torch and Bolds, and even the Curve 3G and Style hold water. The rest should not even be on the RIM web site — Storm 2 and Pearl (with SureType keyboard).

    In contrast, not that it’s right, but HTC’s & Samsung’s phones are replaced every three months by another flavour of the day!

  15. I still think RIM should stick to four brand names:

    1. Storm
    2. Bold
    3. Curve
    4. Pearl

    The Style should have been a Pearl. The Tour, a Bold. The Torch, a Bold Touch 🙂

    Of course, we’re seeing more touchscreen versions coming, but they should still stick with these solid brand names. Why confuse customers with so many different brands and names.

    Is the Torch better than a Bold 9780?

  16. Hope you are right man. Actually the release date on these should tell us if RIM has stepped it up from a walk to a jog.
    May = Run
    June = Jog
    July = Walk

    • I’m just thinking that the stock took a hit when RIM had to suggest that margins will be a little lower than expected this quarter, and I believe that is because they have a bunch of outdated devices that they can’t sell in the U.S. In order to minimize the hit, they need to get those new devices out there.

      Most of the present devices are still stuck with OS 5, such as the Tour, Storm 2, most of the Curves. You can’t do much with those as they have such little memory and power. They’re great messaging devices, if that’s all you are doing. Sooo 2008!

  17. he is speaking thai

  18. RIM make new era in mobile services….very2 nice

  19. Wow, cant wait for the lunching ! i`m presently using the storm2 and to be frank is one of the best device i had ever use #True

  20. How long till it hit`s the Asian market please?

  21. If I’m not wrong this is video is done in Thailand…bcoz in the browser page I’ve seen ‘DTAC’ name which is a Thailand mobile phone operator owned by Telenor, Norway.

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