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Rumor: Verizon Removing Their One Year Contract Option?

Verizon one year contract

A new leaked document from AndroidCentral points to Verizon killing off their one year contract option. Verizon was one of the last hold outs with that one year option which gave you a quasi middle ground between paying $550 for a new phone or signing a 2 year contract. For those of us who have to have the latest device that leaves you watching all of the new devices come out for 2 years until you can upgrade. Supposedly this new policy goes into effect on April 17th so we will know soon enough.

I never truly understood the point of the whole contract in the first place with subsidized phones but it has become a huge selling factor for carriers. It also lets them easily block third parties from selling expensive unlocked phones without subsidies. The thing is that you are paying Verizon that monthly fee either way if they are subsidizing the device or not and I have never understood how that made any sense. Better yet when your 2 year contract is over does Verizon start charging you less until you upgrade?

Let us know if you ever picked up a device on the 1 year contract option from Verizon or any other carrier.

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  1. I am a T-mobile subscriber and used to be on a one year contract as a business account. It allowed me some flexibility in terms of phone upgrades and shorter commitment.

    As a carrier T-mobile with their even more plan pushed everyone to either a 2 year contract or month to month (plus program)

  2. The contracts drive me crazy – -specifically because if I choose not to take it, there’s no benefit for me. I still pay the same amount, but now I pay more for hardware.

  3. The reason that verizon does not have a lot of 1 year contracts (right now) is because prior to January 2011 you could upgrade your phone every year by entering into another 2 year contract. I believe people like myself are waiting for our 2 year contracts to expire and signed a 1 year contract – so we can upgrade our phone every 10 months (for $70.00 more) as appose to every 20 month. This is just another way for Verizon to screw their customers…

  4. I used to only take 12 months contract in Europe, but those are not available anymore in the UK.
    In Switzerland, you pay less if you don’t take a phone with your contract.

  5. I have been married to Rogers for almost 5 years now. They still have one year plans but there is absolutely no incentive to use that plan because you pay the exact same amount for hardware on a monthly plan.

    Also, with the old ball and chain you cannot upgrade at all until after 2 years. If you don’t want to get hosed for hardware, you basically have no choice but to sign your soul away into 3yr matrimonial hell.

    Here’s what I mean. To get a Torch:
    3yr: $99.99
    2yr: $499.99
    1yr: $559.99
    Monthly: $559.99
    No term: $624.99


  6. i loved verizon’s one year contract. I was a big selling factor for me possibly going to them in november but they didn’t have a bb better than the torch at the time. If they did I would be a verizon customer as opposed to an att customer.
    With t-mobile I used one year contracts all the time to upgrade for cheap AND get a rebate.
    I hate the whole contract thing with these companies though, why are we being locked in.

  7. never saw the 1 year plan point anyway

  8. The 1 year contract let people get a new phone every year with SOME price reduction. It helped a bit. Too bad it is gone.

    And yes I believe the reduced per month price after satisfying the term went away when Verizon and Vodafone turned Bell Atlantic Mobile into Verizon Wireless. I specifically remember my bill going down. Of course back then I only did 1 year contracts, there was no such thing as a smartphone or texting, and your mobile phone was in a bag with a handle.

    Yeah…Verizon’s doing about anything they can to lock you into a longer term. They are all doing it though. Carriers REALLY hate churn. Verizon thinks this will reduce their churn number. But this combined with eliminating New Every Two and pushing out Early Upgrade I think are pushing people MORE to shop around, not less, plus is a big reason people move to the smaller regional carriers.

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