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More Leaked Torch 2 Photos Confirm the Model Number as the 9810

IMG_0176Hendy let us know that posted some more pictures of the Torch 2. The images confirm the model number for this device as the 9810. If you haven’t had enough BlackBerry news for the day check out the rest of the pictures below. From the pictures we can tell that the device is running OS and running on the 3G bands 1,2,5 and 6.



Source: jeruknipis

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  1. Pretty. Doubting tmo will get it though.

    Can tmo run at&t blackberries on their 3g network?

  2. I will be getting one for sure. With the merger I have to let me anti-AT&T feelings go away. I don’t want a CDMA phone, so whatcha gonna do?

  3. I am really not sure I will get this from my current Torch as the jump is not worth it. Although, the possibility of QNX working on this device is a plus. 🙂

  4. Interesting, I tried my friends Torch out when he got it but it never felt right in my hand. I use a Storm2, and had the same one since it first came out.

  5. Where do these guys get their hands on the devices from?

  6. That new head of device naming better get to work quick otherwise we’re going to be seeing 9831’s and 9999.2’s soon.

  7. How would the battery life be? Torch was pretty bad.

  8. nice upgrade to the current 9800, but little too late to market

    My 9800 is getting slower every day, esp with the newer leaked OS ..

    • Last week I reinstalled the AT&T official OS, so easy and it’s really snappy again. I will get the new Bold Touch as soon as it comes out but if I was keeping a phone for 2 years (or more) I think I’d get on a routine of reinstllaing the OS every 3-4 months. The difference is amazing.

      It messes up some icons and you need to log into some stuff again, but this small pain is definitely worth it. IMO.

  9. wish this were cdma

  10. I got my eye on you…

  11. The new device lineup keeps getting better and better. Now they need to bring these babies to Sprint.

    • You mean they just have to release them 🙂

      It’s been almost a year for anything new, and no the 9780 and style don’t count.

      They better get these out in May/June time frame!

  12. If these news phones some out in May/early June I would be soooo happy, but as much as RIM is changing I think this pretty much unlikely.

    July most likely… booo!

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