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Giveaway: Zona3G Switch Network Mode App

screenshot_2 (1)The maker of Zonasnap a popular screenshot application let us know about their latest application. Usually when I am driving around I go from 3G zones to 2G areas back and forth and that usually drains the battery faster. This application is designed to help you turn off 3G when you step out of coverage where it is not being used. Zona3G takes care of this annoying steps for you with one simple click. The application includes an internet activity sensor which detects when you are needing more data and if 3G is turned off  it will alert you to do so. Another neat feature is the low battery, it will alert you if you have 3G turned on so that you can turn it off if need to, allowing you to conserve more batter.


Application description:

Some of the recommendations Zona3G makes include: lower the brightness of light, close applications running in the background, turn off bluetooth and wifi when not in use, in addition to these suggestions one of the things that will make difference Battery life will be turning off its 3G network, doing this you will realize saving a big percent of battery during the day. Change the network mode in the BlackBerry is annoying for all the steps required: Open Manage Connections> Mobile Network Options> Network Mode> Switch to 2G.
Now with Zona3G you will not do all these steps, with a single click Zona3G will do it for you.
**Internet Activity Sensor**

The application can be purchased on the BerryReview store for $0.99 cents at this link. Available in both English and Spanish.


We have 30 copies to giveaway, all you need to do is simply leave a comment below. If you are registered make sure you are logged in before you comment. Note that double posting only decreases your chance of winning Winking smile. Comments must be left before Monday April 11.

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  1. This application is great super util

  2. nice would love a copy of this

  3. I would like that copy!

  4. I would love to have a copy of this for my blackberry!! thanks again BR for such sweet contests 😀
    gluck all :)

  5. This app is terriffic i hope win a copy

  6. Great APP!
    please keep a copy for me 😛
    thanks alot berryreview!

  7. Lovely app!

  8. I hope to earn it a good app

  9. very good application to reserve Battery

  10. Sounds interesting. I’m pretty sure some of the branded phones don’t even allow you to do this though, so I don’t think that particular 2g feature would work in that case.

  11. Would love a copy! I tried to do something like this with one of those shortcut macro apps, but failed miserably.

  12. I’d love a copy…thank u!

  13. Awesome!

  14. This could come in handy to me. Would love to win a copy.

  15. i want to win

  16. i want this good application, in Spanish please 😉

    Greetings from Venezuela!

  17. Looks nice! Count me in!

  18. I want it! hehehe

  19. Esta app resulta muy ultil para el ahorro de bateria dando que no en todo lados tenemos 3G! Buen trabajo!

  20. This application is great super util 😀

  21. nice app, would be quite useful.

  22. i can easily do this from under network connections. What’s the memory footprint of this app ? Don’t need another app to slow the BB down even more with another background process

  23. Another awesome giveaway by berryreview

  24. great i want this app

  25. Zona BB made it again from Venezuela to the world… nice!

  26. looks great

  27. Fantastic app can’t wait to have one. Thanks

  28. Sounds like a great app. Pick me!

  29. Very useful app I hope to win it too.

  30. Sweet I simply it and wish to have a free license copy too

  31. Sweet I simply it and wish to have a free license copy too.

    ignore the previous post as it some sort of an error

  32. Amazing application, I’ve tried several applications that attempted to do this (but none of them worked) hope I can try it out!

  33. Seems to be a very nice app, good to be on my curve 9300 os6,hope to get this time.

  34. Nice app and usefull, i am in, thanks BR for the contest. Good luck to all

  35. being a user of zona snap I wish to have copy of new app of 3g network switch.

  36. Wish I can win a copy.

  37. This is something that is useful in the rural areas I frequent. Right now I have to cut 3G off manually. This would make it a snap!

  38. Just got my 9780 not to long ago and this program sounds like godsend. Regardless if I win it glad to see this program is available for blackberry hardcore battery users :=)

  39. Sounds like a great idea – could do with the added battery power

  40. i’d love to get this. i use zonasnap and love it!

  41. Hey Luis…get Verizon and you’re essentially never out of 3G! 😉

  42. I would like to win this, seems like a very useful app, especially with my Torch which drains the battery.

  43. ah yea, count me in!

  44. Sweet application! This will surely help in saving battery. Thanks!

  45. This is a simple apps which will greatly impact the device efficiency!

  46. I’d Love a Free Copy.. 😀
    Thanks~ 😀

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