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BlackBerry Touch 9860 (aka Monza) Also Gets a Leaked Spec Sheet

 BlackBerry_Touch_9860_Monza_Product_Spec_Sheet_Final_Draft_06_April_2011-1 BlackBerry_Touch_9860_Monza_Product_Spec_Sheet_Final_Draft_06_April_2011-2

Let the good leaks roll! We have been hearing about RIM’s upcoming replacement for the whole Storm line with the Monaco 9850 (CDMA) and Monza 9860 (GSM). Most of the details until now have been for the CDMA Monaco 9850 variant but now thanks to N4BB we have the technical spec sheet for the BlackBerry Touch 9860.

Here is what the spec sheet details:

  • It will support both T-Mobile’s 1700Mhz 3G network with two variants of the device like current devices
  • Packs 14.4Mbps HSDPA connection at 14.4Mbps (limited to 13.4 due to chipset) which is what many carriers are calling “4G” in marketing speak
  • It is sporting 768MB of RAM along with a 4GB eMMc built in memory
  • A unnamed 1.2Ghz CPU is going into this beast

BlackBerry_Touch_9860_Monza_Product_Spec_Sheet_Final_Draft_06_April_2011-3 BlackBerry_Touch_9860_Monza_Product_Spec_Sheet_Final_Draft_06_April_2011-4

The odd thing is the specs still call out a 1230mAh battery so I am not sure how RIM is doubling the processor speeds yet using smaller batteries. Very odd but hopefully they work some magic!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  1. This is the biggest screen for a Blackberry yet right? I will be very tempted if this comes to Verizon.

  2. Does that say Torch at the top?

  3. With this coming out, and the “hands on”, about how far out (roughly) is a launch?
    This seems like a lot of info for it not to be soon.

  4. I wonder why the class 2 bluetooth. The bold touch seens to have class one??? Any thoughts..

  5. i will wait until i see QNX on this devices to buy one of then, for now my torch does the work,

  6. I cant wait to get this when it comes out on Verizon. I saw the test video and the photos and it looks great. I need a new phone since I cracked the screen on my Storm2.

  7. I’m losing track of things, what does this look like now?

  8. What is the reason for only having a 4GB eMMc instead of the 8GB eMMc like the Bold Touch and Torch 2?

    • they want to sell more
      Bold devices, they make it better cuz is their Star Device.. if not someone correct me

      • I agree, The Bold Touch 9930 will be RIM’s flagship device for 2011, the Monaco/Monza is mainly there to lure back those into full touchscreen androids, The Bold Touch 9930 will bring in already BlackBerry users and those looking to grab a BlackBerry for the 1st time.

  9. when is rim ram gonna be competitive

  10. It would be a very serious mistake to consider the Bold Touch the flagship device. As nice as it looks, the next wicked Storm (BB Touch) should just as hot and potent.

    Not everyone’s fat fingers like these tiny keyboards. Some do, I don’t. If RIM doesn’t provide a competitive option for folks like me, then they’ll look to Apple or Google. I want to stick with the Storm (BB Touch), but I don’t want to feel like a second class citizen.

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