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BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 (aka Dakota) Spec Sheet Leaked!


We now have even more confirmation on the features of the upcoming BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 (Codename Dakota). The team at N4BB managed to score a technical specifications sheet for the device confirming its Snapdragon 1.2Ghz processor. Also of note is that it looks like the device will support T-Mobile’s 3G network on 1700Mhz in case the AT&T acquisition does not go through. It also comes with support for Bluetooth 2.1 which simplifies pairing and improves A2DP Bluetooth stereo playback.

The specs point to the 8GB built in memory along with 768MB of RAM with a Qualcomm 8655 1.2Ghz processor. The screen is confirmed to be 640×480 VGA at 287Dpi which is nice though it is only 2.8 inches. Let us know if you spot anything else! More details after the jump…

BlackBerry_Bold_Touch_9900_Dakota_Product_Specification_Sheet-2 BlackBerry_Bold_Touch_9900_Dakota_Product_Specification_Sheet-3

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  1. Someone over a crackberry posted that this phone was 4G, but I thought 4G on this phone was a NO. Can someone who understand specs chime in on this. Personally I don’t care but it would be good to tell others who care about that stuff that BB is indeed making a 4G phone.

    • It is kindo of a no but not exactly. This phone can run on T-Mobile acclaimed 4G bands so therefore it can also download speeds up to 14.4mbps. T-mobile claims it is 4G but not truly

    • I was actually working on an article about that but didn’t have time before the weekend. This new device supports HSDPA at 14.4Mbps and HSUPA at 5.76 which means faster downoads (HSDPA) and faster uploads (HSUPA)

      The current 3G devices if I am not mistaken are limited to 3.6Mbps download. In all reality you never really get up to these speeds. It is simply a bigger pipe.

      • That sounds really good thanks.

        Here is a question for those still looking at this thread.

        When the blackberry browser says requesting, requesting is it waiting for content from the RIM servers or from the original website. My understanding id RIM runs your request through their servers for data compression, but maybe I heard this wrong.

      • Well here in the UK at least that’s academic, because depending on the network the bottleneck is actually the speed of the backhaul connection from each tower. Near where I live, even if I have the 3G tower all to myself, a connection never goes faster than 2MBps. Guess why ;-). Other places I can get more (all tested using a USB HSDPA ‘stick’ on my PC)

    • Think of it more as 3.5G it is faster but it isn’t LTE.

  2. So this phone will pack the same resolution as the new Torch but in a smaller screen. I bet that screen will be sharp.

  3. The spec sheet for the monza (monaco) touch has also just been posted up on N4BB. Some interesting stuff going on there as well. One thing to notice is that the Bluetooth class for the bold touch is 1 but for the monza it is class 2. This clearly shows the bold touch is a higher end device than the monza or blackberry touch

  4. Nice probably my last phone I get from T-Mobile. The hearing for the the merger is in May.

  5. im so into go and buy one of this straight away but still holding me the fac of wait for a better major upgrade as would be the QNX OS

  6. Looks like RIM is holding out for the BlackBerry 10 (or new number scheme equivalent) to start with QNX-ready smartphones.

  7. I know iPhone 5 will have great specs but I’m wondering if we’ve reached the point where specs don’t mean much. That is, are we past ever having to worry about lags and/or reboots?

    Although I love bb I have to admit the fluidity is not there and can’t match competing phones. Has RIM crossed that dividing line?

    • Especially when QNX phones arrive, lag and performance issues will be non-existent. I think that the new phones about to come out next will have some amazing TAT additions!! 🙂

  8. Blackberry upgrade speed is starting to ramp up. I was thinking of getting onyx 2, now reconsidering waiting for these new units.

  9. the built in memory is nice

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