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Skype Found in App World for PlayBook for $2.99?


Skype has been spotted in App World for PlayBook. Tashanna let us know that somehow obtained this picture of App World running on a PlayBook. I was under the impression that App World for PlayBook was highly classified.

This is the first official looking picture I’ve seen of App World on the PlayBook. It looks good. All except for the price tag on Skype…$2.99?! First of all, did Skype forget that $2.99 is no longer the minimum paid price for apps? Secondly did Skype forget that Skype IS NOT A PAID APP?! Unless this version comes with premium features like Skype to non-Skype calls, I cannot figure out how this is justified.

Skype is definitely free for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Android users also don’t have to pay.

Ronen posted an article with the picture below from CES back in January about the possibility of seeing Skype on the PlayBook. It has since been discovered that this picture is in fact a mockup. But notice the FREE price here.

skype playbook mockup

I am hoping against hope that the $2.99 price is due to the fact that App World for PlayBook is still (somehow) top secret and in the developmental stages. Say it ain’t so!

What do you think?

Thanks again Tashanna for sending this in!

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  1. very nice to see, but lets see the price removed at launch!

  2. Doubt $2.99 will prevent any frequent Skype user from getting it. Very glad to see this app included.

  3. Cool. I thought I saw a vid released late last night where the RIM guy said no skype for the playbook.

    I really hope I can get skype because that would be the only reason to have to carry my laptop to a conference. Have to check in with wife when I’m away for a bit and she likes video chat.

  4. I hope it isn’t just a mock up of what App World for playbook “might look like” this could explain the price, but that would be a bummer. I will pay the $2.99 to get this very useful app. Although I agree it kind of goes against the skype model to sell it.

  5. we can use skype for Android.. free..

  6. This is 100% a mock-up, Skype hasn’t even built an iPad app., the chances of them building for a non-shipping device is zero.

  7. Ok good. I’m glad you didn’t comment on an article you hadn’t read yet.

  8. LOL the last days the news for the playbook weren’t the best ones. I hope the next days will be better ^^

  9. That’s great!

  10. Am I the only one that sees the AP app is $6.99!!!

  11. Skype appears to be $2.99 not $6.99

  12. Oh ok

  13. Why is blackberry charging much more than IOS and Android?

    Do they even have a larger market share to increase the price? Seems like no.

  14. My guess that the Playbooks version of Skype will include a multipurpose video conferencing feature.

  15. I definitely won’t be paying for skype.

  16. assuming this is real, how long before I can put it on my phone?…

  17. If you want to see the App World in action, have a look at this video:

  18. Is it possible that the Verizon lock has been lifted? Hmmm

  19. wonder if it will still be carrier exclusive

  20. Hi with skype on playbook the video conferencing app is ready for the amazing video conferecing cameras and hardware that it already has

  21. Hi with skype on playbook the video conferencing app is ready for the amazing video conferencing cameras and hardware that it already has

  22. Nice video! Can’t wait to play with my pb once I receive it. Looks like a great tablet, which will only get better over the next few months.

  23. any want to use Playbook with free soft on another os ?

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