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Rumor: BlackBerry PlayBook Was Delayed Because of iPad 2 Causing Display Shortage?

letterman licking the iPad 2

If you needed another reason for why the BlackBerry PlayBook is launching on April 19th instead of mid to late March like it was supposed to we have another culprit. This is all a unconfirmed rumor for now but I know for a fact that the PlayBook was originally scheduled for a mid and then a late March release. According to the Taiwanese DigiTimes the

“BlackBerry PlayBook shipments were postponed for about a month from the original schedule due to a delay in software testing as well as a shortage of touch panels because Apple already booked up most of the available capacity.”

So while “software testing” probably means ironing out bugs in the Tablet interface for QNX it looks like the iPad 2 launch is also to blame. I just hope RIM found a way around that to truly flood the market with BlackBerry PlayBooks.

Thx DPR for pointing this out in the comments! via DigiTimes via AppleInsider

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  1. in ur quote:
    “BlackBerry PlayBook shipments were postponed for about a month from the original schedule to to a delay in software testing as well as a shortage of touch…”

    Should it be “..from the original schedule due to a delay..”


    • To add on..
      Foxlink has also only recently started mass shipping its connectors to RIM for the PlayBook. Foxlink is also a connector supplier for iPad 2, the sources added.

      For its part, Apple is believed to have reserved a large portion of the world’s available production capacity for touch screens with a $3.9 billion secret long-term investment. With over $50 billion in cash reserves, the iPad maker has been known to pre-pay for components in order to guarantee priority and favorable pricing.

  2. Evil Apple, I can see the manical Steve Jobs in his black turtle neck:

    MMoooo Hahahahah! I rule the World!

    Back to his black turtleneck: is that guy a total joke or what?

    but I don’t really believe the rumor. The truth is you lock up enough screens and other components long before you ever think about building the thing.

    Also look at the number of touch screen phones out there and Apple likely doesn’t even dominate that market. Every phone producer is making touch screen phones now. This might lead to a tight market but putting it on apple just shows media obsession

    Anyway its kind of works against apple if the news is RIM can’t supply the demand for the Playbook, that would be seen as pretty positive press.

  3. Out with it already…have us waiting too long

  4. they have been delayed to much, should has been release before ipad2

  5. what moron would lick the tablet screen?

  6. Several sources back that up. Apple was obviously aware of the Xoom, PlayBook, as well as a number of coming competitors. They are very predatorial! They’ve got to cash to lock up all display manufacturers’ capacities for months, and they’ll do it. Like Microsoft, they don’t play nice.

    This is just more confirmation that these rumours are supported.

  7. THX for the mention Ronen. Love the David Letterman picture by the way! Maybe, this picture could explain why the alleged cases of salmonila poisoning cases reported by IPad 2 uses.

  8. as they say save the best for last

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