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Sprint to Charge $30/month for PlayBook Tethering? Bridge?

 Sprint Blackberry PlayBook Tethering Prices

The latest leak out of Sprint concerning the BlackBerry PlayBook makes me wonder if even Sprint understands how it works. Bla1ze at CrackBerry was sent an image showing a new service plan called the BlackBery Tablet Connection Plan for the Blackberry PlayBook. It looks like they will be trying to stiff customers with a $29.99/month plan though corporate liable accounts seem to be getting off easy with a $15 option which is odd.

Sprint Blackberry PlayBook Tethering Prices2

The really weird part about the whole thing is the wording seems to imply that you would need this $29.99/month plan even to be able to use the BlackBerry PlayBook Bridge to connect to your BlackBerry over Bluetooth and use it for “BBM, Email, Calendar, and more.” This $29.99 plan supposedly “allows customers to share information between their CDMA BlackBerry phone and the BlackBerry PlayBook wirelessly using the Bluetooth connection.” They then go on to start talking about tethering.

Anybody else confused? If RIM lets carriers charge for the BlackBerry Bridge feature then customers are going to have a $#i+ fit. Even the $29.99 price tag for tethering is a bit ridiculous. Here is to hoping that AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile have a little more sense. By this reasoning we might be seeing the 4G WiMax version of the PlayBook on Sprint with a $60 data plan…

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  1. this is ridiculous, Im sure Rogers is going to find a way to make something even worse up

  2. I don’t think they will get many takers. I guess they just want to push the 4G versions.

  3. what a rip off

  4. Sprint has a lot of corporate accounts. My company uses Sprint too, and I’m sure if they charge for BB Bridge they’ll able to get those corporate accounts to pay.

    If they can get away with it, then I’m sure they’ll do it.

  5. I hope that RIM doesn’t allow Sprint to do this. I think a lot of consumers are not going to use Blackberry Bridge, or wait for the upgrade where you can use email, BBM, SMS, contacts, calender natively.

    I wonder if Sprint knows about this, or are just trying to take advantage of their customers who are unaware of this.

  6. this really disappointed

  7. These days with so many gadgets that needs internet connection it makes much more sense to get a MiFi and deal with just one internet subscription.

  8. If it was 4G it [I]might[/i] be justifiable imo

  9. Why cant carriers just set it up so that each phone-line/SIM card on your account gets X GB each month for Y amount of dollars and then when you use up your allowable amount you are done. It is your data, why should you have to pay extra to use it all even if it is on separate devices?

    Someone could say well, going from using only a BB to a BB and a PB will increase demand on the network because a BB alone is quite kind on the network. Well, what if I change my usage habits or set up my BB to just sit there and run You Tube all day every day and I max out my limit, am I going to have to pay more? I had better not have to pay more! I am still just using my BB.

    This is what I have to say to carriers:
    When a person pays for X GB per month then let them use it anyway they want. Especially if the data is still running through the same device it always has! It’s not like you are giving them more then they paid for; especially since there isn’t more than one phone-line/SIM card drinking the bandwidth at a time. You still only have 1 device connected to your blasted networks!

    Alright… I am done… stepping down from the soap box…

  10. O.O. I hope this is a mistake.

  11. Sadly, the operating philosophy of most businesses – and especially cellular carriers – is to charge as much as the market will tolerate. If a carrier can soak their customers for more cash, they’ll do it.

  12. Sure, Nickel and Dime me to death..

  13. It does sound stupid. I read that you wouldn’t be able to tether and use the bridge simultaneously on CDMA devices, which is bad enough, but now you get charged ridiculously for either as well?

    Maybe they are just saying: “as long as you do everything strictly on your phone, you’re fine, but if you try use your data in any other way, you pay.”

    I just wonder how they would even know that you’re using your bridge to check your email or calendars.

    It could be that they don’t really understand what the bridge is.

  14. This is terrible! I bet the info on wrong on Sprint charging for BB Bridge, but if it is not wrong, then RIM should sue Sprint for lost revenue.

  15. Real disappointing news

  16. Duh…

  17. don’t worry – there will be an app to get around this

  18. Asked bell, they said you can tether a BB and playbook, asked a 2nd question about if it would cost anything, didn’t say it would, just said that if I went over the plan it’s .5 cents a meg, prolly should upgrade to a 1gig from a 500 meg anyways lol.

  19. Well this is just ridiculous. And O2 are gonna be just as dumb. Although it wouldn’t surprise me for them to say “Sure you can tether your BB to your PB, £7.50/mth” and then “Sure you can bridge your BB to your PB, £15/mth” and then, to really compress the salt into the wound, “Sure you can connect your PB to your PC, but we’ll charge you £30/mth for it”… Like I said on some forums, if they try to charge me extra for bridging then I am terminating my contract without hesitation.

    • One thing I don’t understand is how can they know if you bridge… That’s like them knowing if you use a bluetooth headset or not. Everything happens between the BB and PB it doesn’t involve the carrier network at all.

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