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RIM Promoting BlackBerry PlayBook with “BlackBerry Rocks Tour”

BlackBerry Rocks Tour

While RIM may not be advertising the BlackBerry PlayBook they are throwing a “BlackBerry Rocks Tour” for it. I have managed to confirm that they are having one in New York City tomorrow along with a few other cities I have discovered are also throwing BlackBerry Rocks Tours. Above is a screenshot of the email they have been sending out to VIP’s that one of our tipsters sent along. I am just kind of happy to hear that RIM is at least marketing/promoting the BlackBerry PlayBook to businesses!

Here are the cities I have confirmed will be hosting the BlackBerry Rocks Tour:

  • April 7th New York City
  • April 12th Boston
  • April 19th Chicago
  • April 21st Toronto
  • April 26th Philadelphia
  • May 2nd Washington DC
  • May 17th Seattle
  • May 24th Los Angeles

The tour seems to be targeted at businesses and here is the text of the invite:

You’re invited for a Backstage Tour with BlackBerry and Insight on April 7th. Get a front row seat and be one of the first to see BlackBerry’s latest technology including the highly anticipated and sought after BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet! You have the opportunity to hear what industry analysts have to say about the future of tablets and the adoption within business and our day to day lives.
As an invited VIP to our event you have the chance to WIN 1 of 2 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets.

Learn about:

  • The latest devices and accessory opportunities
  • Supporting your needs for BlackBerry Enterprise Server and T-Support
  • Mobilizing your business and save costs using BlackBerry MVS
  • How the PlayBook can fit into your game plan and allow you to work smarter and faster


  • 1:00 – 1:30 pm Registration and Cocktail reception
  • 1:30 – 3:00 pm Take a band tour of the products
  • 3:00 – 3:30 pm An Industry Analyst speaks on Tablet PC’s
  • 3:30 – 4:00 pm BlackBerry PlayBook keynote presentation
  • 4:00 – 4:30 pm Time to play! With the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

Let us know if you are going to one!

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  1. Well that’s different…

  2. Yeah very different. I still do not think this will be enough though

  3. This may be all they see. It’s more and more looking like their initial target audience is going to be the corporate market.

  4. I wish I could go to any of those. How can I get in!?

  5. How can I become an VIP?

  6. Oh, no….

    I understadn that they may not want to go head to head with the iPad (although from what we’ve been getting their product is better) but really if they don’t view this as a consumer product don’t they risk the same problem they are having with their phones? That is employees saying I don’t want the Playbook I want to use my iPad 2 for work and I’ll buy the damn thing myself.

    IT’s very attractive to companies to have their employees by their own phones and tablets rather than the company doing so.

    I’m really confused as to what going on since all the info we’ve been getting up to now is consumer stuff NFS, 7 digital etc.

    Hopefully this is just a dual channel approach and we’ll see a consumer campaign as well.

    Also I have to say event like this I don’t think will get much response.

    • If there is no ad campaign for this a few days out I might cancel my order. Of course I’ll get it in the end, but without some kind of consumer campaign to let people know what this product is I’ll feel like a tech geek walking around with one at work. Instead of cool let me see it’ll be like what the hell is that? Why don’t you have the iPad 2? Can’t you afford one?

      • so basically you wanted to buy the playbook purely because of the ‘cool’ factor as perceived by others and not because of its functionality — even though you agree its waay better than the ipad, if you don’t see sufficient marketing, or the kind of marketing you would prefer, you would cancel your order.


        • I know I know, forgive my little rant.

          Just hoping for a big campaign, but I was thinking on the way home that I don’t think Best Buy would even agree to stock the thing if they didn’t think RIM was going to back the product, so I’ll sit tight and see what happens.

          • You need to come out of the iCloset, seriously!

            • hehe you mean reveal to the world that i’m an [email protected]%?

              The only problem with that is I’ve owned about every product Apple has made and it brought me nothing but a desire to never ever own a product from that co again.

              Apple products are from to to bottom, over priced, over hyped, and inferior to alternatives out there. I know first hand.

  7. Is ronen going to go and try to win one of the two playbooks there’s? 😀
    Sounds enticing. Are they going give it on the spot or on 19 April?

  8. 😮

  9. just haven’t seen the buzz for the playbook that you do for that other companies pad

  10. Sorry, but… THIS? It seems very strange for a professional phone seller.

  11. I read in an article, that the reason PlayBook was delayed a month was because Apple had already ordered up all the glass for their IPad 2 Tablets.

  12. So when are they coming to Jamaica lol

  13. Ooooh, how I wish I could be a VIP

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