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RIM Gets Sucked Into More Ridiculous Patent Madness

Patent Lawsuit

The new hot thing in the mobile industry seems to be small or even large companies suing everybody and their mother. The latest is coming from H-W Technologies which has RIM listed twice as defendants along with 25 or so other companies ranging from Apple to What really makes it ridiculous is the claims it makes. For example, TechDirt highlighted that the patent is for an:

Internet protocol (IP) phone with search and advertising capability

Also MobileCrunch points out, H-W Technologies is suing all these companies because they have:

products that have systems and/or methods for allowing a multi-convergence device utilizing a domain specific application to complete a merchant transaction without the need to generate a voice call.

The way that reads to me is anything that lets you buy something without making a phone call. You can check out the patent for yourself at this link and the patent lawsuit filing below:

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  1. minor correction: twice as plaintiff’s s/b “twice as defendants”

  2. What a fail, that the patent examiners whose livelihood WE PAY allows these sorts of ridiculously broad patents. You can thank on inattentive federal bureaucracy for letting these things happen.

  3. what the.. whats next? is someone going to sue for charging phones too?

  4. I read Techdirt daily and its scary how stupid the patent world has become.

  5. What a joke!

  6. Doubtful that something like this would go to trial.

    They’ll just settle for some undisclosed amount.

  7. this is ridiculous it should stop.. people trying to get money claiming something they has patent l

  8. One more node in the legal orgy chart!

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