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RIM Explains the BlackBerry PlayBook File System Layout


RIM has slowly been sharing more and more about the BlackBerry PlayBook with the launch just around the corner. Don let me know that they posted a description awhile back describing how the BlackBerry PlayBook file system will be laid out. You might not think this is a big deal but the competing “Magical” iPad does not have a application or user accessible file system which is a real pain. Here is a simple rundown of how the PlayBook did it as of Beta 0.9.2:

The main structure for all users to share is:

  • photos
  • bookmarks
  • misc
  • books
  • documents
  • voice
  • downloads
  • music
  • videos

Each application has its own Sandbox that it runs in with the following folders:

  • app – The "app" directory is the link to where application files are installed (what was packaged in the bar file), these files are read only. For Adobe® AIR®, application files will be in subdirectory "air" (i.e. app/air/your_file).
  • data – The private data directory is "data". Application has full access to this directory (read/write). The $HOME env var is set to this directory. To initiate the sandbox app may copy files from "app" to "data" (for example user modifiable config files) on the first run.
  • tmp – The "tmp" directory can be used to create temporary files, application should take care of cleaning these files, but system may remove them at any time app is not running – so it cannot be used to persist data, only "data" directory should be used for this.
  • logs – The "logs" is used for development, application stdin and stdout is redirected to logs/log file, as well as "core" files will be created there if app crashes.
  • shared – This folder is a symbolic link to the main structure we mentioned above. The "shared" is link to common location where all apps share files.

Check out the full details in this article on the BlackBerry forums

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  1. These are all great features, which the IPad 2 does not have. If Apple can advertise their IPad 2 features which are just recycled features of the first IPad, then why doesn’t RIM advertise the features that IPad doesn’t have. On a side note: I was wondering if the Playbook will have Universal Search?

  2. This feature further differentiates the playbook from the ipad. The playbook seems to be becoming a better and better device closer and closer to launch. It is already a brilliant device. All it needs is a strong advertising campaign to push it through to consumers and RIM will be on to a winner!

  3. will be this and ipad killer? FOR SURE! WILL BE

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