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RIM Explains Android Support Benefits on the BlackBerry PlayBook

PlayBook Java

RIM shocked quite a few people with their announcement of adding support for Android applications to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Now Jim Tobin, SVP of the Software Services & Enterprise Markets business unit at RIM, has followed up with a simple explanation of the expanded BlackBerry PlayBook application ecosystem and how it benefits both customers and developers. Sadly he does not go into much detail but he does confirm that the Android “Application Player” will be coming this summer followed up by the Java BlackBerry JDE player shortly thereafter.

I highly recommend skipping over to this link to read the full explanation. Here is an excerpt of what he had to say about benefits to both consumers and developers:

What does this announcement mean for Customers?

For both consumer and business customers, this announcement reinforces our commitment to providing choice while bolstering our platform. Our customers will benefit from having access to highly optimized and integrated apps developed specifically for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet using BlackBerry tools, as well as a much bigger catalog of apps drawing from multiple other sources, such as the Adobe® Flash® and Adobe® AIR®, HTML5 and JavaScript® developer communities (as previously announced) – and now the Android developer community. And this is all being done through our BlackBerry App World storefront to manage the app discovery and download processes for consumers.

We are already hearing overwhelmingly positive customer feedback about the greater choice and flexibility that our broad approach will allow: the best apps built for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet coupled with the “long tail” of apps built for the above-mentioned BlackBerry JDE and Android platforms.

What does this mean for Developers?

  • For the majority of developers, the way to go is still the BlackBerry platform and the widened set of tools we’ve made available. Only these can ensure that the developer harnesses the full power of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet in terms of extremely rich graphics, full multitasking, and ultrafast processing. BlackBerry smartphone development options include the BlackBerry® WebWorks™ platform. BlackBerry WebWorks offers leading HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript support on a mobile platform. The BlackBerry WebWorks platform also supports modern web frameworks such as Sencha, PhoneGap, jQuery and Dojo.
  • BlackBerry PlayBook tablet development options currently include BlackBerry WebWorks as well as Adobe (Flash® and AIR®).
  • RIM will add full tooling support for native C/C++ development for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet over the coming months. We’re highly confident about this. The QNX team RIM acquired to develop our BlackBerry Tablet OS has won awards for its Eclipse-based native Integrated Development Environment (“IDE”).
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  1. Android support all well and good, but will RIM please start advertising the Playbook!!!!!!

    Just this morning I had a friend who is a long time BB user tell me he wants to get an iPad because someone with one brought it to work and showed him that he could read Adobe files on it.

    I was explaining to him to wait that the Playbook is great and he looked at me like I was a fool because to him the Playbook is a blackberry and he sees it as the same OS as his Phone!!

    Please RIM Please begin to correct this mis-perception which almost every blackberry owner who is not up on technology must also believe.

    It’s only 13 days but I’m beginning to think they are just going to silently release this product. What a disaster that will be, maybe that is why the head of marketing resigned.

    I feel bad because here I am trying to support RIM and they are doing nothing to back my support up.

  2. I can see both sides of the story, but as a consumer and not a developer, I think that this a good thing.

    I’m always willing to try something new but don’t ever plan on buying an android phone (I really love bb keyboards). Android does have a great number of apps, however, and if they work well, it could be nice to use them on my new playbook (yay!).

  3. I think this is a brilliant choice from the consumer point of view. Can’t wait to run android apps.

    Hopefully the forthcoming qnx for blackberry smartphone devices will also support android apps!

  4. i think this is the end for Blackberry Apps .. no one will want to develop Apps for BB , if this is port to all devices later on

  5. I am still uncomfortable about this. I mean it opens a HUGE door for number of apps but not really helping RIM stand on their own legs either

    • Here is the thing, IOS is easier to program for than Android, RIM is going to have a similiar tools to what Apple has I’m assuming… If thats the case then Developers will build using the Native SDK.

  6. The more the merrier!

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