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How to Order a BlackBerry PlayBook Internationally at Launch

Preorder BlackBerry PlayBook

International users have to wait to get their BlackBerry PlayBooks since they are launching in the US and Canada first. Davis pointed out to me a great article on BBInsight that highlights how international users can use a package forwarding service to preorder a BlackBerry PlayBook in 240 countries. I have not had any experience with these services since I live in the US but the idea is pretty simple. You order the BlackBerry PlayBook online from one of the preordering companies like BestBuy or FutureShop and have it sent to a package forwarding service. That service will then mail it to you wherever you are.

They are recommending you use for package forwarding and preordering through but you can play with the idea yourself. Good luck and let us know what works for you!

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  1. It’s a great way to order all kind of things, especially Software, in order to avoid the “Atlantic tax”. It’s always best to check if the products come with an international warranty though…

  2. I live at Dominican Republic, i buy a lot of stuff from internet, We have several forwarding companies at DR.

    The company give you an Address at Miami, so, i send all my packages to that address, and after that, they import it to DR. i just have to go to their office, pay a price per pound, and voila. i can have the package like 3 days after it arrive to the miami address they give.

    i can also choose release date delivery at some sites and have it just 3 days after people at the US.

  3. Yeah, well, P2G does not ship to Brasil… :/

    Any ideas?

  4. Brilliant piece of advise! Extremely helpful

  5. It’d be interesting to watch how the initial sales surge pan out. Quite literally make or break for RIM.

  6. Best Buy and staples wont accept delivery to known forwarders for BB Playbook. They have cancelled two orders that I have placed with them

    • Bad Best Buy !!!
      and weird too..

    • Can u give me examples of known forwarders so i can try and preorder?

      • The guys over at BlackBerryInsight suggested that you buy from cause they do not have restrictions to forwarding companies.

        Hope that helps!


        • I mean what courier company can I use for the package forwarding because I got in contact with someone @ parcel2go and they told me they don’t offer that service. I have never done this before so please forgive my ignorance in this issue. Can u provide me with a step by step guide as to how I would do this. Thank you

  7. Has anyone had a success in doing this? Please post

    • The only way I have found that works, is to purchase from BestBuy and deliver to a residential address in US, and let those people send it to your Skybox or whichever forwarding company you use.. BestBuy accepts non-US Visa cards.

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