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BlackBerry Touch (Monaco) Offers Up More Extracted Video Tutorials

The first batch of tutorial videos gave us a bit of insight into BlackBerry OS 6.1. Now we have a fresh batch from the BlackBerry Touch Monaco device courtesy of CrackBerry. Once again we don’t have anything ground breaking here but still fun to check out! I am still waiting for the mind blowing part but I hear that is coming in a more “sex-ification” of the BlackBerry OS using OpenGl in 6.1. Still waiting to confirm that…

Let us know if you spot anything good!

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  1. I spot a good looking phone.

  2. Some may disagree with me, maybe many, but I do think this phone is a lot sexier than the iPhone, Very nice design RIM.

  3. Ronen, none of these tutorial hint that there is anything new about the OS, but both the Bold Touch and this one are very beautiful do ou think it could have just been the hardware that made carriers “jaws drop”??

    Still the Bold touch for me, but anyone who has this phone is not going to be afraid to pull it out among a group of iPhone users.

    Now if the Torch 2 is “sexied” up like this one I might just think twice about the Bold Touch. It is funny that the curve is also a real sexy phone while the Torch 2 seemed to be the same as the Torch 1 on the outside. Seems inconsistent.

    • Bold touch has a very small screen by todays smartphone standard. I think the touch part was rather forced and unwieldy on such small screen…

      • I agree, but I’m thinking with the Playbook the big screen for me is useless. My phone will return to email calendar etc.

        I will make my final decision after I have the Playbook for a bit.

  4. A very nice device! Really love that BIG screen!

  5. Is RIM making an error by going with a 3.7″ screen in favor of a 4″ screen ? For example, iPhone 5 is rumoured to be 4″, HTC Thunderbolt is 4.3″, etc..

  6. Why doesn’t RIM just make a 7″ smartphone screen….errr like the PB

    RIM technology is still the best for my needs and I don’t my phone to do what a laptop or tablet does. The improvements in OS and the new ‘Touch’ i think will be a great product

    • A hybrid…like a phone in a playbook would be…a phonebook right? Lol
      I think that was invented already…

  7. I find that as users want larger screens on their phones it is becoming a little ridiculous. The tablets are much better to watch and read things. The smartphone is a communication device with some handy added features.

  8. Yes, there should be a difference between a tablet and a smart phone. Otherwise, you end up with a “7” Dell Streak, which is to big to use effectively as a smartphone

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