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Review and Giveaway: iFrogz Timbre and Ozone Earbuds With Mic


Looking to replace your BlackBerry earbuds but don’t want to lose the functionality of the attached mic and music control? iFrogz just might have what you’re looking for.

Custom earbuds from iFrogz are offered in an assortment of colors and styles, and include an in-line microphone for in-depth acoustic tuning so you can talk, listen and multi-task away. Simply click the microphone to pause and play music and mute or unmute phone calls. Super comfortable and a perfect fit, the earbuds feature superior sound quality without sacrificing any style elements.

I’ve been testing 2 pairs of iFrogz earbuds with built-in microphones for the past few days: Timbre and Ozone. iFrogz has kindly agreed to give a pair of these supercool earbuds to 2 of our lucky readers (One reader will win the Timbre earbuds and another will win the Ozone earbuds). Keep reading to find out how to win!

I have compared them to each other and to my official BlackBerry earbuds that came with my 8900. Here’s a summary of what I found.

Ozone with mic ($24.99):


The Ozone earbuds are a great option for those looking to add some character to their ear candy for a reasonable price. They are available in 6 color combinations.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable (3 sizes of bud tops included)
  • Mic is clear and clicks to play/pause (music) and mute/unmute (calls)
  • Better sound quality than BB earbuds
  • Better bass than BB earbuds


  • Not as loud as BB earbuds
  • Not made of wood (see Timbre below) Smile

Timbre with mic ($49.99):


I can’t describe these ones better than the iFrogz website does: “Treehugger? Good. Now, you can have the sweet, smooth feel of wood in your ears, as well as in your arms. The speaker chamber is made entirely of wood, allowing rich sound and deep bass.” The Timbre earbuds are available in light and walnut colors. Walnut is shown above and Light is shown at the top of the post. Pretty cool right? I thought so. I’m not sure if its the wood, but the sound quality is superb and the bass is surprisingly deep. Of course its not going to shake your head till you vomit, but it packs a punch considering the small size. If you’re looking for crazy bass, check out these iFrogz DJ Style Headphones.


  • Excellent sound quality (speaker chamber made of wood)
  • Deep bass (speaker chamber made of wood)
  • Great look (made of wood)
  • Comfortable (3 sizes of bud tops included)
  • Mic is clear and clicks to play/pause (music) and mute/unmute (calls)
  • Did I mention they’re made of wood?


  • A little pricey
  • Made of wood…save the trees!

GIVEAWAY: For your chance to win a pair of Timbre or Ozone earbuds leave a comment on this post telling us why you need/deserve a pair. HINT: Your chances might be increased if you also like iFrogz on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Please only one comment per person. CONTEST closes Saturday April 9th and 11:59 EDT. Good luck!

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  1. I’ll admit for the first time that I’m a sick person. I have some kind of addiction to earbuds and can’t live without them but there’s just one problem: they always end up dying on me! Either the left or the right ear. I’ve bought dozens, cheap, expensive, all kinds of earbuds and haven’t found one that would last for more than 2 months. I think I’m the ultimate test, if these earbuds survive you can call them the best earbuds ever. I need them!

  2. I’ll be honest and say I don’t “deserve” or “need” either pair but I would appreciate some new earbuds. I’ve been hesitant to buy any because I always find a way to justify spending my $ on bowling equipment or car stuff I also don’t “need”. Either way, those wood ones would match my cars dash trim. =)

  3. I love earbuds,I love music, I love bass, I love trees, I love…..lamp?

  4. Why I want them? Well, I would like to listen to the quality music on the quality earbuds :)

  5. My earbuds that came with my torch broke after a month(my gf borrowed them for one day)

  6. Love earbuds SO much better than those fugly white things that come with iStuff!

  7. they look cool

  8. the wire for my multimedia bb earbuds recently gave way and I need some new earbuds.

  9. I would love to win one of those…..

  10. Because my kids took all of my earphones

  11. I feel that I deserve these earbuds due to the simple fact that I would be considered free advertising for the vendor. Nothing says “buy me” better than sporting them around in my gorgeous ears for everyone to see. I might even be able to charge admission just to see them in action, yes, in action….in MY EARS!

    My second point to this cause would be that my ears, my poor, poor ears….are lonely. Even more lonely than most!! They have worked their entire lives to strive for something better. Piercings, great Q-tips and constant cleanings….working towards a life that the ears in their genetic line have not had the chance to have.

    So, I say “let’s start here!” and bring about the dawn of a new age…an age where all ears can grow and develop in raw envy. In envy of MY EARS that are able to sport such a wonderful pair of earbuds.

    Please, please pick me. Not just me, but my ears! I (they) deserve it!

  12. My BB ear buds didn’t last very long and I have been without them for a while. The privacy and ability to listen during the long commute (train) are something I miss.

  13. Need the Timbre’s because they look awesome and the great sound quality would be great for listening to music on my BB.

  14. Couse offten use a scooter…

  15. I will definitely use a pair. I am tired of using a regular set of headphones to listen to the caller and holding my BB at my mouth when I want to talk.
    Send one my way please.

  16. Cool! Count me in! 😀

  17. Please please please

  18. These are so cool, would love to have either pair. PLEASE…..I just had the wires on my old mic earbuds break and I need it for my Dragon Naturally Speaking, and my tunes…GO IFROGZ……………………..the best in the nation, heck the world.

  19. Well you see as i speak the zombies are closing in and i need the epicness of ifrogz to beat them my only hope is i can hold them back untill i get the earbuds…….I hear them closing in….Help….

  20. Well you see as i speak the zombies are closing in and i need the epicness of ifrogz to beat them my only hope is i can hold them back untill i get the earbuds…….I hear them closing in….Help…

    And i need them so that once i kill all of the zombies with the pure amazingness of ifrogz i can rebuild society and become the supreme ruller of the amazing ifrogzed up world…I will make laws that you can only use ifrogz products and i will destroy all skullcand remains.

  21. I need new headphones just because. Alright, I just want another pair, preferably the Timbre. They look amazing.

  22. It would be really nice to own this device

  23. I’d like a pair so when I am at work vacuuming, I will be able to hear, crystal clear, the chosen media!

  24. I’m up in the air flying around the country 4 times a week, and I’m so sick of hearing babies crying…Some nice headphones to listen to some audio books would be awesome as I broke the ones that came with my BB.

  25. I love music and i like quality sound. I would love to replace my BB earphones with a pair of iFrogz!

  26. OMG i need earbuds with mic that aren’t as friggen huge as the blackberry ones. these are awesome

  27. count me in :). looks cool.

  28. i need a pair of unique and beautiful earbuds that my kids can’t say, “oh! i didn’t know they were yours…”
    I want to be able to see from a distance that there’s NO way they belong to them. lol
    I also need small earbuds as the larger ones make my ears ache after a while.
    And, quite frankly.,…..those are the COOLEST looking earbuds EVER. FTW!!!!!

  29. I just started going to the gym and am using the cruddy earphones that came with my iPhone. I have never tried the ifrogz ones but I have used ifrogz cases since I got my first iPhone and if the earphones are as good quality as the cases then I know they are awesome!!!

  30. I am old school and love ear buds. I do not have my other ones because my cat hid them. She’s a bit sheisty, but I love her.

  31. I so need a good pair of earbuds. I haven’t slept right since my last pair died. Thanks for the chance! =)

  32. wow!!!!!! yes please the look outstanding thanks in advance x

  33. I would like to win a pair because I’m in need of new earbuds…This would be great…They both seem like good products.

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