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BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.1. Is it Different than Version 6.0?


Luis posted about the leaked Desktop Software version 6.1 a few days ago. At the time, we didn’t know what had changed.

I was looking forward to the upgrade since we have been told that the BlackBerry OS software change from 6.0 to 6.1 will be a “major upgrade.”  I falsely assumed that the Desktop Software would somehow be completely overhauled to match up with the (alleged) big time OS upgrade.

Although the changes were not readily noticeable, Stefany from N4BB put together a changelog for us:

  • Improved organizer sync
  • 64bit MS Outlook 2010 and MS Exchange 2010 supported
  • Individual picture sync
  • Sync videos without converting it
  • If using wifi music sync you can stream music and download at same time
  • Can download music over SSL connections

Thanks Stefany!

If you haven’t upgraded to 6.1 and want to try it out (at your own risk), you can find links here.

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  1. What about “Files Menu”??

    • Agreed!! What about the Files? Isn’t accessing your SD and Device memory from DM worth mentioning?

      I could delete those blasted avatars from the device memory using it!! 😀

    • This is why we have comments. 🙂 Thanks for pointing out the addition of the Files menu guys!

      I guess what RIM has done here is simply implement the mass storage feature into DM. I prefer opening the folder as a separate drive, but this works too.

  2. Oh, Oh, oh!! Thank you, RIM, for fixing Desktop Manager so that it doesn’t unnecessarily convert videos! That’s a huge issue with me as I daily have fresh videos (TV shows and video podcasts) to copy to my BB Torch, and I’ve been dragging and dropping them manually to get around the annoying, unnecessary “optimization” (re-encoding) that BBDM 6.0 forces.

    I wonder how long until 6.1 makes it to the Mac after it’s finally released for Windows, hmmm? 🙂

  3. At least three of the items on that changelist were part of Desktop Software 6.0.1 (64-bit Outlook and Exchange, individual picture sync, and sync videos without converting). Not to say that there won’t be further refinement, but those aren’t new features.

  4. Ah, well, I suppose those changes might be in the latest released Windows version of BBDM, but they certainly aren’t in the Mac version — in particular, the odious unnecessary conversion of video stands in the latest Mac version of BB Desktop Manager.

  5. All of the media functions now get along with my IT Policy. Not sure if it’s was BES or Policy or what, but I never had the “Files” option under Organizer before.

    Previously if I clicked on Music, Pictures or Video, it basically gave me the finger (not supported or something to that effect). Now I can transfer files back and forth.

    Media sync also didn’t work before, but appears to be working now.

    Nice update for me!

  6. Nice update. Can’t wait till it get official.

  7. Hardly ever use DM but did yesterday to reinstall my OS (cleared up some lag issues).

    Music streaming sounds interesting though.

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