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Beta Zone BlackBerry Traffic 2.0 With "Next Maneuver" Turn Guidance

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I am really hoping that RIM finally steps up sometime this year and turns BlackBerry Traffic into a full fledged GPS app. Until then DavidB pointed out to us that RIM has added a feature in the latest versions of BlackBerry Traffic 2.0 available in the Beta Zone which makes it worth trying out the beta. This new version adds what RIM calls “Next Maneuver” guidance which essentially shows you on screen what you need to do next compared to the nothing shown in v1.3. It sadly does not show you this on a map while tracking your location but hopefully that is coming in Version 3.0?

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I am not sure if RIM is going to gloss over this feature because they don’t want carriers to think they are encroaching on their very profitable navigation business. Personally I think RIM really needs to do what Google did with Android and make a full fledged GPS app preloaded on the BlackBerry. At the very least they could simply combine BlackBerry Maps and BlackBerry Traffic. The latter already needs the former installed to work!

As we said before you can pick up this latest BlackBerry Traffic v2.0.0.1735 in the Beta Zone if you are eligible. Let us know if you spot anything else!

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  1. They don’t even need to show a 3D map in my opinion. If they simply added spoken directions it would be as good as gold. It might even help make Blackberry a more attractive phone. After all, it’s the software that is included (or available) that makes a smartphone really useful. I’ve always found it very annoying that AT&T restricts the BB Maps service books. It’s time for RIM to take a stand.

    • I haven’t understood why they gave BlackBerry Travel map integration and not BlackBerry Traffic. Why not combine the features of the two and cut down the size of the app a little. I like to use both but they are 5 mb between the two. They have similar features but I’m with you go full GPS and *#$! carriers and their 9.99 a month BS.

  2. I totally agree RIM needs to follow Google’s success to make this app all it can be. I use it on & off and really wish it would integrate at least with BB Maps in real-time GPS. Then we would have a reason to use (not uninstall) BB Maps 🙂

  3. The problem is if they do this AT&T will ban it. It is soooooo crazy that BB Maps is on my phone but I can’t get the icon on my home screen because AT&T blocks it.

    I love BB and don’t like to complain about RIM but I think there deference to carriers in this regard is going to far. They are letting the carriers make their products inferior to what they could be, while letting competitors like iPhone do whatever they want.

    RIM neetds to tell AT&T to take a hike.

  4. If only they could at least play a tone or some kind of notification when approaching the right location for the “next direction” to apply. I don’t really need it to be a voice navigation, but *something* so that I don’t have to either keep track of mileage until the next turn; or keep looking down at my phone to see how far away I am.

  5. Nice, looking good. I agree, the next evolution must include map integration using BB Maps or Google Maps with overlays. Yep, I want a superapp not just another app doing maps.

    I can’t wait to get my new BB phone this summer!!! Can’t do much with my S1 anymore — no more memory to play with. Yep, it’s as painful as extracting a tooth, except it keeps reoccuring when some new software emerges like this one.

    The S3 can’t arrive soon enough!

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