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BlackBerry 9930 and OS 6.1 Video Tutorials

ScreenHunter_03 Apr. 01 19.02

What’s better than leaked images of a yet to be release device? How about this video tutorial that high lights the sexiness of this new device.

Some of the things I noticed on the first video is the four convenience keys on the right hand side, 3 at the top and one at the bottom. The two keys at the top are the volume keys and the one at the bottom is probably the camera. The other side has the USB connection/charging port.

Instead of me telling you all that there is to see check out the videos below. Can’t wait till this device makes it to my hands.







Source: N4BB

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  1. Whoah! Great find Luis!

  2. Looks great. Can’t wait to see more of it.

  3. I’m so excited! What was the projected release date again? I’ve been holding on upgrading my 9700 for a while now. But seriously, is there anything out there worthwhile? I looked at the Torch and actually got one for my wife, so I got the chance to play with it. Wasn’t completely satisfied.
    By the way, she managed to lose it the other day and is still reeling. Women, what can I say!

    • Should have had her install BLACKBERRY Protect…its free too!

      • Actually, I had an alternative installed on it. It’s called e-GPS. Unfortunately, she dropped it at a mall parking lot while I was picking her up from work. All it took was 5 minutes. I was able to get its last location while I was driving back. By the time we got there, the phone was turned off by whoever found it, making it impossible to execute any further commands.

    • I’m hoping right after BWC, late May-early June. This is gonna be RIM’s flagship smartphone for 2011

  4. I’m still using my bold 9000 after so many years,
    It’s time for replacement well overdue, 9930 here I come.

  5. Nice looking device. Looks a bit thinner than my 9700, too

  6. I know it’s not a huge leap in technology, but I’m excited to see it offered by RIM 🙂

  7. Really excited to see this. Can’t wait to be able to hold one of these devices

  8. What excites me MOST about this is the model number…9930. To ME xx30 just screams out Verizon. Oh PLEASE Verizon, don’t screw this up and delay it like you’ve done SO MANY OTHER BlackBerry devices! I love my Tour, but its sure getting long in the tooth since I bought it on launch day 2 years ago.

    Oh…and PLEASE give us a 9930NC!!! So manu of us in legal/military/government/security just can’t have a phone with camera. Pretty please?

  9. I have to hold the BB Button to get back to the home screen!? >.< Holding keys can be very annoying…

  10. hello all..
    is this really going to be launched?
    I think it would be better than the previous series.

  11. Looks really nice! 🙂 Will still have to see if the Torch 2 hold surprises, but I think I’m definitely getting this phone. I hope this comes out earlier than expected.

    I like 6.0 if this is just smoother with no lags it will be a great phone. It might not win over droid boys but for business types it’ll be hard to beat this phone.

  12. Man I gotta say after watching the hardware video through you tube at full scree that is one beautiful phone. My torch looks like poo compared to it 😀

    It’s funny that on the home scree one they show facebook and twitter and not BBM.

  13. So it looks on the operators right side is a convenience key, volume up/down and a pause.
    Did they do away with the right convenience key????
    Top, could that be the lock button?
    Oh, and they kinda combined the 9000 look with the 9700 memory card location, if yall remember the 9000 was on the outside under the missing convenience key to the right of the device.
    Really lovin it, I’d say this device might be ready in…oh…6 months?

    • “I’d say this device might be ready in…oh…6 months”
      Man I hope not. Tour was July 09, Bold I believe was June 10, this thing needs to hit Verizon in 3-4 months or less! Lot of people very soon to come off those 2 year contracts from early adopting Tour on Verizon and Sprint. RIM needs to have a hot new phone in the stores if they hope to retain folks, Thunderbolt and EVO 3D are such are going to be enticing. . .

  14. Multiple convience keys, wonderful! I’m glad RIM is going back to their bread and butter after that 1 convience key trend. Convience, functionality and efficiency, what more can you ask for?

  15. Yes there is no doubt about it this is the sexiest BlackBerry I have ever seen. I had my heart set on it but have yet to see one with the signature Green & Red Call and End Call buttons so I figured it wasn’t going to Verizon. Feels like we’ll only have to BlackBerry Touch as an immediate option. But I’m happy to hear anyone’s prediction since this is the one I want.

    • “Feels like we’ll only have to BlackBerry Touch as an immediate option.”
      I think we know FAR too little about ANY of the 2011 lineup to have any idea what’s coming and when. Don’t forget there’s also the Curve Sedona and the Curve Touch some time too. I mean we’ve heard BlackBerry 6.1 will launch in May, but on what? Torch2? Its surely not going to run on any device in market now, and neither RIM nor any carrier have announced a new BlackBerry for next month, so ???

  16. Nice phone, but can’t blackberry get rid of the upper row of buttons(call, end call, menu) for more screen space. Can’t they do a phone right?

  17. I’ve held on to my Sprint premier upgrade since last June 2010, and have been holding out for a BlackBerry i could be comfortable keeping for 2yrs…well this is it, I’m picking up a Bold Touch 9930 soon as it comes out on Sprint

  18. Believe it or not, there’s a large number of people who do not rate a full touchscreen phones very highly. I for one, am not ready to give up my physical keyboard and touchpad, because they still give me unparalleled speed of typing and quick program access in the case of the former, and great precision in the case of the latter.
    For all fans of full touchscreen as the main option, there’s plenty of choice, including BlackBerrys’ very own Storm and Torch series.
    I think that this 9930 concept is incredible and it will quickly become a smartphone of choice for the serious professional.

    • Completly agree if the Torch didn’t have the trackpad it would be a pain to use I like having the option the trackpad is like a mouse to a pc

      • Absolutely. Before my wife managed to lose her Torch, I found myself resorting to the trackpad on many occasions. Also I think the keyboard on a 9800 is excellent, even thou it’s a bit flat.
        Anyway, I really can’t wait for this one to be released. it looks like it will replicate the 9000 keyboard, which is the best I’ve ever typed on.

  19. RIM will be on to a winner with the blackberry bold touch. Was wondering whether the bold touch will be running on a qnx base or is that left till BBOS7

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