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Where is the BlackBerry PlayBook Advertisement Blitz?

Matthews Playbook in your face

Now that RIM has officially set the BlackBerry PlayBook launch date for April 19th along with opening up preorders I keep wondering one thing. Where are all the BlackBerry PlayBook ads. RIM has really stepped up their game with BlackBerry smartphone ads but I have yet to see one ad for the BlackBerry PlayBook. No billboards, web ads, nothing…

So I have to wonder if we are in the quiet before the storm? Will we suddenly see the floodgates open in the next three weeks? What do you think RIM’s game plan is?

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  1. I don’t know what their plans are but they need to get going on it very soon!

  2. I am suprised at how little they have done to promote the PlayBook. Considering that they will have to Convince those ppl that are on the fence.

  3. whos that in the photo?

  4. I have been quite surprised at RIM’s lack of advertising for the Playbook. They advertise BBM all the time now. There are a lot of people that don’t even know that RIM has a tablet. They can’t expect people to search for tablets on one of the reseller sites and decide that it is the better tablet for them. They need to get out there and show people why they need a Playbook instead of an iPad or Android tablet.

  5. If they’re not yet trying to go head-on with the ipad/android devices for the consumer space, we probably won’t see a lot of advertising.

  6. ZZZZzzzzzzz…

  7. I think it will be the week of launch so a buyer can go compare it.

  8. They first need a launch event, and honestly I think it’s too early for that. They can do so maybe a week before.

    I’m sure the ads show stuff that we haven’t seen yet so they want to hold back before holding the “event”

    I wouldn’t worry too much. This is obviously too important for them not to advertise it. I just hope we see “The Mother of All Adverting Campaigns.” I mean given how good Apple is at marketing, RIM should just overwhelm with volume of ads

  9. Sadly, I think our expectations of RIM have proven to be too high. I completely lost faith in them and was no longer willing to wait it out. I actually stood in line to get my first Apple product on, the iPad 2 weeks ago although my hearts desire was a PlayBook. There are just too many questions. I can only hope the PlayBook 2 is better advertised and planned to include features that won’t cause me to question RIMs ability to deliver a game changing product. Until then one can only hope I guess.

  10. I’m surprised with the lack of ads too and while what Kiddo2050 said makes sense, it still seems like they’re already dropping the ball.
    You can put the buzz out there without giving too many details. They better have a huge campaign planned.

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