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What is that Icon in the BlackBerry Touch Leak – Speculate!

BlackBerry Touch Monaco Monza3

I didn’t notice it until Marc Paradise pointed it out but anybody notice something funny about the BlackBerry Touch pictures leaked by the BoyGenius? They have a black box over one of the icons on the homescreen. While Marc thought that points to it being a controlled “leak”, Jonathan (aka BoyGenius) confirmed in the comments when Afrolion also pointed it out that:

Stuff we blurred that isn’t quite ready to be public yet! Well, you know, besides the phone and all that.

So I thought I would throw the question to all of you. What do you think could be hidden behind door black icon #1? 🙂 A icon for the Apple App Store? A Tardis? A BlackBerry Music Store? Let us know what you think!

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  1. I think they actually blocked out three icons, not just one.

  2. I’m sure it is some form of android app interface

  3. Maybe something that could potentially reveal the identity of the leaker?

  4. skype app

  5. Teleportation app. However, I think there was a bug in the app and the Icon was teleported, instead of the person.

  6. Despite, the cryptic comment by BG, my guess is the users e-mail accounts.

  7. I think these are the new exclusive Blackberrry Touch apps that RIM and TAT have been working on.

  8. im thinking the LED around the track pad is a new notification system and what looks like the normal notification LED is the front-facing camera a bit blocked off by the glare of the light

  9. I’m guessing it’s BBM Video!!!! Heeeeee Haaaahhhhhh!

  10. bbm video – which would be really wicked

  11. Please let it be a fanboi Taser app!

  12. something else to speculate, the green leaf wallpaper. im thinking canadian wireless provider

  13. Actually, there are three icons missing/hidden. I’m sensing that RIM will be porting over some of the new stuff they created for the PlayBook such as BBM-V or even an Android Java VM & Android apps on the new Storm 3! Ooo yeah!

    It could also be some new yet-to-be announced apps from third parties. It’s funny that a “leak” would be censored!

    On another note, I’m not sure what specifically RIM is doing in AppWorld for the PlayBook. They certainly didn’t want to show it.

  14. it’s a Carrier Logo that’s why there was also no picture of the back. That’s where the logo is aswell. 🙂

  15. The Blackberry Bridge does seem likely. I’m not sure about the other two icons. For all we know, they could be the mail and he didn’t want his address(es) out there.

  16. its a download button that initiates a worm that will hack all the iphones and crash the iOS. 😉

  17. ” of them could be BB radio and VVM 3

  18. Gotta be his email accounts

  19. ooh, not sure but I love that redesigned UI

  20. yeah but why wouldn’t he just hide them then? And who puts their email account that far down on the homescreen?

    • That’s what I was thinking. This isn’t the top of the home screen it’s further down and email should be at the top. In fact he probably scrolled down to hide the email.

  21. Maybe it’s a secret passage to an alternative dimension where RIM is a truly intelligent and innovative technology outfit with timely releases. Hidden out because it’s still under development, and the world is not quite ready for that anyway.

  22. I think it’s some type of new apps

  23. I agree that there are definitely 3 icons hidden. Its easy to figure out what they are. They’re obviously the leaker’s guilty pleasure fart apps: Mega Farts, PhoneyFart, and FartStorm.

  24. The icons could represent the blackberry I’d service such as a cloud app service from RIM

  25. also look closer at the back…no sim card AND if u look back on the main display, the carrier which is always about the clock, has been greened out. (on my laptop i tilt my screen back) thats why there’s no back cover also.

  26. Three icons hidden for sure. BB bridge…BB radio…BBM video…who knows! As long as its something that will better the blackberry experience.

  27. I still question the need for a touchpad on a full touchscreen device.

    • “I still question the need for a touchpad on a full touchscreen device.”
      If you’ve ever used a Storm/Storm2 you would understand. Touch only in the BlackBerry OS is NOT a great experience. And 6.1 is still BlackBerry OS.

      My biggest wish is a Tab key on the keyboard. Web page navigation can be SO much easier with a Tab/Shift-Tab capability. I really miss the way the old thumbwheel worked…SO much more efficient in forms and such.

  28. I use both all the time on my Torch. Would a larger screen be better? Possibly. I think the real reason they have the keys and track pad is to maintain consistency for former BB users.

    • “Would a larger screen be better? Possibly.”
      Yes, possibly. But keep in mind screens for smartphones only come in certain sizes and resolutions. If RIM went totally custom and extended the screen vertically without also extending horizontally, they would be going totally custom on LCD manufacturing and cost would soar. With the same screen and no buttons at bottom, now the insides are more crammed so either hardware features have to go or the battery has to shrink, neither of which are desirable I would say!
      Of all the many flaws of the Storm series, the biggest fail in my book of Storm2 versus Storm was elimination of the hard buttons. Making the 4 bottom buttons softkeys was bad bad bad.

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