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Last Day for Developers to Submit Apps for Free PlayBook Offer – Have You?


What I am hearing now is that RIM may have screwed up in the email they sent to developers that made us think the free PlayBook offer was extended. With that extension not happening that makes today the last official day to submit a BlackBerry PlayBook app to be eligible for the offer of a free BlackBerry PlayBook at launch. If you are not already in the submission process with an App World vendor account and signing keys I doubt you can still make the deadline. I am curious how many of you have already submitted apps or plan on submitting them today. Let me know in the comments along with what kind of app you submitted.

In the same vein I submitted a WebWorks app I created on March 23rd and it still is “pending review” over a week later. Maybe RIM is getting inundated with submissions? Either way they better approve it or I will have a conniption. 🙂

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  1. Submitting today – probably right down to the 23:59ET wire 😉

    It occurred to me that nobody will have these devices until 4/19 – which means I can cut some functionality for now to give the base functionality (it’s a WebWorks game), and submit an update next week for the actual release.

  2. Bummer. No free Playbook for me – unless by some miracle I win the contest.

  3. Didn’t they bump this to the April 19th launch date?

  4. I submitted last night. Anything else I got to do to receive the free Playbook? Any “gotchas”? Any word on when they will ship the free Playbook to app submitters? Same as stores (April 19th)?

    • They’ve said they’re shipping them as “a priority”.

      Only thing I can think of is that your app does have to be *accepted* into app world – so hopefully you made sure to thoroughly test on the simulator and adhered to the requirements in the vendor agreement. Issues in either (such as failures when running) can get your app rejected.

    • forgot to mention my submitted app is a game, Mexican Train Dominoes!

  5. Hi ‘kameleon,’

    Alex from RIM here. Just to clarify – the deadline for the free BlackBerry PlayBook offer is March 31. Although code signing does not need to be completed today to take advantage of the free PlayBook offer, developers must complete the required signature process before the app can be made available in App World.

    For more information on the offer, check out

    Alex, RIM Social Media Team

  6. Hi, my app is ready, but I just submitted a request for code signing keys and just registered for vendor portal. Am I too late? Is there anything I can do to make it until the deadline???

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