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BlackBerry Touch Monaco/Monza Caught on Camera!

BlackBerry Touch Monaco Monza3 BlackBerry Touch Monaco Monza 

Finally we have some new info on BlackBerry smartphones. It looks like that picture of the “BlackBerry Storm 3” we snagged back in September of last year was spot on! The BoyGenius scored some hands on pictures of what is now the BlackBerry Touch codename Monaco (Verizon CDMA) and Monza (GSM). Gone is the SureType screen and we have BlackBerry OS 6.1 on board. Nothing crazy fancy in OS 6.1 but still its nice to see! It has the BlackBerry ID login built into the system where you need to login to use the device.

BlackBerry Touch Monaco Monza2 BlackBerry Touch Monaco Monza6

According to BGR these new devices will be announced at BlackBerry World in May along with the BlackBerry Bold Touch, Torch 2, Curve Touch, and this BlackBerry Touch Monaco and Monza versions!

BlackBerry Touch Monaco Monza4 BlackBerry Touch Monaco Monza5

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  1. How beautiful it is to see 800×480 screen resolution on a BlackBerry.

  2. This is the phone the wife has been patiently waiting for. We’ve both successfully avoided the 9800 (mostly because we are huge theme junkies). My hopes now is that RIM will actually pay attention to Theme Development and start fixing the issues with TS6 so by the time these come out everyone will be happier.

  3. but it looks like OS 6 no

  4. Yeah Looks just the same as 6.0 I guess that answers my question about why not to call it 7, but not why “jaws are dropping.” 🙁

  5. Looks really nice, cleaner

  6. I wonder what that blacked out icon is.

    (Besides hinting that these “leaks” are a little more official than are let on…)

  7. very nice, clean looks.

  8. Looks good! Not crazy about the BlackBerry Touch name (if there not going to keep the Storm name, why not call it the lightning or thunder). I’d love to see a demo of this device in action.

  9. Looks nice – pretty big. Waiting to see the Bold touch and Torch 2. They took way too long on the Bold update.

  10. if this can run QNX im in… but not until i know.

  11. The torch and the touch sound too much alike to me. They need to stick with Monaco.

  12. Omg is that a front facing camera?!?!

  13. I am very excited. I cant wait for this phone to come out. I am a theme junkie as well. I just hope it has alot of memory on the phone.

  14. May… That’s rather fast. Unless they pull another playbook “stint” for 6 months+…

  15. Niiiiice!

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