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Poll: Does your BlackBerry Knowledge Influence the People Around You?


I was out at the mall yesterday, and happened to run in to an old classmate from college at the Bell store, and saw him looking at a 9780 and an Atrix.  I immediately had to go and talk to him and ask what his needs and wants were for the phone, and whipped out my 9700.  I obviously told him about all the pro’s and how I have had my 9700 since release and it’s been flawless, and the 9780 was an upgraded version of my great phone.  How OS6 has made the BlackBerry a more competitive smartphone, and the push technology makes them excellent communication devices.  Now the Atrix is a good phone as well, but showing him hands on how my 9700 worked helped him seeing the phone first hand.

I didn’t stick around to see what his decision was, but later on Facebook I got a pm with his PIN, and with this I am asking, has your BlackBerry knowledge and addiction influenced people around you to get a BlackBerry, theme, apps or accessories?  I know that I now have siblings, friends, and extended family addicted… do you?

Also, with the launch of the PlayBook, have you swayed people to hold off on a tablet purchase? Have you examined the strengths and weaknesses of the PlayBook versus the Ipad (1 and 2) as well as the many Android tablets becoming available. Have you adapted to the mentality that the PlayBook is for everyone, even though RIM is pushing it as the first business oriented tablet, seeing how many of us adopted BlackBerry’s for personal devices while they are mainly business oriented.

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  1. Most people I know prefer Android or iPhone. I have a cousin with a Storm 2 who hates it, and a classmate with a work-issued Curve who hates it. My classmate’s personal device is Android.

    At this point, if someone needed a new smartphone now, I wouldn’t recommend BlackBerry. If he or she was willing to wait until summer/fall, that is a different story. The current BlackBerry choices are not worth wasting a 2 year upgrade, but the new ones probably will be.

    • Hey Laura! Good to see you here too!

      Well, all I can say is: Converted counter – 04 😀

      Working on getting another 4 on the Berry wagon hehe

  2. yes i have a few colleagues that pretty much rely on me.

    I don’t think my torch was a waste, but i agree at this point, wait.

  3. Blackberry is doomed unless they adopt adopt a mainstream OS and become a hardware maker like Nokia.
    I had three BlackBerrys and they were stone age compared to my Dell Venue Pro. As a new OS, Windows Phone 7, especially compared to BlackBerry, is incredible. I might recommend a Blackberry to a 12 year old because some telco is giving them away, but thats about it.

  4. I convinced Two of my friends to go BlackBerry and they like it.

  5. I have a friend that was intrigued by my Kindle. I told him I was probably going to sell it if the Playbook turns out to be all it is supposed to be. It will have a Kindle app, as well as others, and for people who read a lot, being able to take a library with you is a big plus. Additionally, the mags should pop in color and you can browse the internet. So he is waiting.

  6. Yes very much so

  7. I have persuaded many people over to BB. I always point out the pros and cons, though. Interestingly I tried to buy an iPhone for my 14 year old son. He preferred to go with the Pearl 3G. He wanted BBM ;).

  8. People apparently think I’m a genius now. I read blogs, tell them what I learn, then I’m the smartest person in the room.

  9. I was the very first person with a BlackBerry at my company in 2009, when i got a Curve 8900.

    I haven’t really tried hard to promote my phone, but people noticed how well it worked for our business, and now 7 people on my floor alone have a BlackBerry.

    I still have my Curve, and it’s still going strong =)

  10. I’m always trying new apps and i must say I’m sort of a blackberry power user… And i’m always trying to make people take advantage of their bb or at least give a try to default shortcuts.

  11. Everyone at work calls me when they have an upgrade available because they know I have already tested the approved ones. Thus my entire team now running a Torch. 🙂

  12. Actually I do not want to show off here, but within 6 months, all my close family are now using Blackberry. Father, mother, wife, father-in-law, brother/sisters-in-laws, nieces, nephews .. total of 15 members now within a BBM family group created by me. And we are very happy to share a lot of photos, jokes, and of course chatting.
    I think we are closer than ever, because anytime anywhere we can chat and share.

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