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Top Secret: App World for PlayBook


As I was engaging in my favourite pastime of perusing YouTube looking for interesting PlayBook content, I came across this video I hadn’t seen yet from SXSW in Austin Texas.

What caught my attention was that the demonstrator handed over the PlayBook to this guy and let him hold it during the demonstration. This kind of backfired on him as you can see at about the 1’ 53” mark. The guy opens App World while asking if it will have tablet specific apps on the PlayBook (a very valid question). The demonstrator quickly snatches the PlayBook, pulls it away from the camera and says, “I can’t show you App World…Its got a few limitations.”

Very interesting. I think if I was the guy holding the PlayBook I would have played keep away from the demonstrator until I found out what these alleged limitations were. Sorry! It’s a little noisy in here! Hey, what’s up with App World?

I realize that this was a couple of weeks ago and hopefully these ‘limitations’ have been rectified. I thought it was a bold move for this demonstrator to put the PlayBook into someone’s hands with this limited version of App World even installed.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts.

Top Secret App World

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  1. Makes you wonder just how ready for prime time IS the PlayBook? Of course, like you said this WAS a while back and things can change very quickly I suspect at this point in development.

  2. Maybe it is not an issue with limitations but they are holding surprises for us until release?

  3. I like how he says ” Feel free to play need for speed if you want.” It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz scene. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

  4. Now I’m getting VERY curious… What suprises await within the playbook app world?

  5. The surprise is a new UI and android apps and the fact that RIM is trying to be secretive like apple 😛

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