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More BlackBerry PlayBook OS Details Confirmed in Leaked Guides

BlackBerry PlayBook Bridge Guide

The floodgates seems to be finally leaking at a faster pace now that we are closer to the BlackBerry PlayBook launch. The latest are three setup guides screen capped by Jordan Vail from a Webinar and nicely put up by Kevin. There are a few interesting takeaways in there and it shows that RIM is trying to keep things simple on the PlayBook. I wont take you through all the guides but here are some features and other information that RIM has confirmed with these slides:

  • File Sharing: The BlackBerry PlayBook will support file sharing. I have heard rumors of this feature and can finally more or less confirm it. From what I hear this will allow your PlayBook to act as a Wi-Fi file server to get data on and off easily sans Desktop Manager.
  • Intranet Access: It seems like there will be some sort of Intranet access available for BES users through the BlackBerry PlayBook bridge. I am REALLY curious to know how this works since RIM has yet mention this!
  • Bridge Access: The BlackBerry bridge will give users access to their BlackBerrys BBM, Messages, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Memos, and Intranet as I mentioned before.
  • Software Updates: RIM has already confirmed for me that OS updates for the PlayBook would be wireless but this clinches it. It will show you if there are newer OS updates when you start the setup. From what I have heard their will be an OS upgrade available the second you setup the device on April 19th.
  • ONE PlayBook IT Policy: It seems like the PlayBook will have one IT policy at launch and it actually is on the BlackBerry Smartphone. I have confirmed this feature that BES 5.0.3 will have an IT Policy called “Enable BlackBerry Bridge” and it will either be True or False. Talk about enterprise ready! 🙂
  • Bridge Pairing: This can be done through barcodes which is a slick addition by RIM.
  • Top Let Swipe Gesture: In the gestures documentation RIM confirms one gesture I have yet to see them show on video. You can swipe down from the top left corner to show notifications. I have tried this on the demo units RIM has had at shows and it didn’t work… Though it did show a battery low red notification light as you can see in the screen cap above.

Let me know if you spotted anything else in the guides that is worth noting!

You can find the full guides over at CrackBerry at this link:

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  1. It has many integration features with bb handheld device. Which means playbook is the logical choice of a tablet if you own a bb! 😀

    • The Playbook is logical choice even if you don’t own a BlackBerry: (1.) it is portable, which allows you to use it anywhere (unlike IPad 2); (2.) it has flash; (3.) It will have native email, contacts, calender; (4.) It has unparalleled multitasking and functionality; (5.) It will support Android apps. (6.) It has 1080p video and because it is portable it can double as a video camcorder/camera.

  2. Understanding these policies is going to be key to whether most large companies employees (think banks, governments etc who have big locked down BES’s) can use the PlayBook.

    Will it or won’t it work out of the box with current BES – can your employer then just block the device under BES 5.0.3 rendering half the features useless.

    My organisation recently announced a lock-down of Bluetooth file transfers.
    On checking BES Policies, this appears to be:
    Disable File Transfer IT policy rule
    This rule specifies whether to prevent a BlackBerry® device from exchanging files with supported Bluetooth® OBEX devices.

    Already in a fairly locked down BES environment –
    We are also blocked from AppStore, Messenger (as communications need to be logged), GPS (Geolocation Policy? why I don’t know)..

    If I can get a guarantee it will work I will defintely get the PlayBook, otherwise given the greater apps might be forced to the darkside.

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