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RIM Breaks Down BlackBerry OS Version Usage in Charts


Every once in awhile RIM updates their “Choosing a target Device OS” page for developers with new breakdowns. They announced on their Twitter feed that they have released the latest OS breakdown numbers for developers. The numbers are interesting with OS 5.0 still taking the lion share of all OS builds and users. I still feel bad for all the OS 5.0 and previous users who are stuck without a WebKit browser. Check out the charts for yourself and let us know what you think!



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  1. So, if you support 4.6.1 and up, you have over 80% of the total subscribers covered. How long till RIM kills 4.5 and 4.6.x? Another year till we can no longer get devices on those platforms?

  2. great to see increasing 6.0 values – I decided to develop only 6.0+ to provide great apps with state-of-the-art UI.
    (BB Java)

  3. Yeah I am one of the few with OS with my Flip. Waiting for the Bold Touch

  4. This tells me us 6.0 guys are the ones spending the $$ on apps.

    Unfortunately this also explains the worries about RIM. Us 6.0 guys are saying BB is still good hang in there, but the majority of BB users are comparing 5.0 to iPhone4 and I can see why they are ready to jump ship.

    RIM really needs to get 6.1 on the curve. It was a mistake to release the current year curves with 5.0. Several people in my family bought curves this year AFTER I bought my torch and they are just not getting the full potential of BB.

    • Mostly the carriers fault. They took forever to even release OS6 on existing devices (if at all) + so far most of them haven’t released a single device that supports OS6 out of the box…

    • Agreed, but the time the 93xx devices came out OS 6.0 had already been on the Torch for a month. Even worse is that since then very few users have upgraded to OS 6

  5. Of course we are

  6. Whoa, lot of people still using pre OS 5.0… Don’t they feel that the os sucks and want to upgrade? :/

  7. ” I still feel bad for all the OS 5.0 and previous users who are stuck without a WebKit browser. ”
    Nobody to blame for that but RIM. How many 6.0 models are on the market? RIM isn’t giving those of us still rocking 5.0 and older devices too many good choices for upgrades. Sure, you can upgrade to a year old Bold, or half year old Torch or Style. Especially if you’re on Verizon or Sprint.

    • At the same time OS6 has been available for older devices for quite a while… Carriers do not care about releasing updates.

    • I don’t believe RIM should be obligated to update a device running OS 5.0 or lower. Those devices are over 2 years old from release date. You buy a lost cost curve? You get a low cost device! You get what you pay for.

      And the 9100 and 9000 are over 3 years old now.

      They updated the appropriate devices which is something they didn’t even have to do.

      I guarantee running OS6 on the 9700 eroded a lot of purchases of the 9780.

      • I can’t fully agree. The NEW curves rolled out with 5.0 when 6.0 was available. I can’t help but think the carriers blocked 6.0 on the curve, but it was a mistake.
        Even curve consumers (low end) have lots of android choices. I see no reason to hold back on your best OS.

        • Which curve are you talking about? Curve 3G? If you are, it clearly got the OS6 update. Any previous curve didn’t deserve the update. I am sorry, you get what you pay for.

    • sorry.. meant old pearl… not 9100

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