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Wakeful Beta – Sweet BlackBerry Alarm App

I always tell myself that one day I will have a butler who will beckon me from bed with the time, telling me the weather while I choose my clothes, read the news headlines during coffee and telling me about stocks while I head out the door.

Well, I doubt I’ll ever have a butler but I can still have all that done for me with the help of a little app called Wakeful. This little baby can be scheduled to wake you up with not the annoying tune of a ringtone but with a soothing male or female voice.

Check out the YouTube video from their website:

Wakeful BlackBerry App

Not only will get the time, but you’ll also get the local weather and conditions, news headlines and Dow Jones and S&P stock information dictated to you. This is an awesome step past the annoying alarm clocks of yesterday. So go to the and sign up for their beta. Wake up on the more informed side of the bed.

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  1. Been running this for the past few days. I like it. Kind of nice to get the current weather before I roll out of bed without having to look at berryweather. Reminds me of that Playbook app I heard about a month or so ago somewhere that does a similar thing.

  2. Interesting alarm combo?!?!?!?!

  3. my phone locks after an hour. when I wake up I have to enter my password before I can turn off the alarm. they need to fix it so I can snooze the alarm like the bb alarm.

  4. I think the auto lock is a good thing. It forces someone to wake up and think. lol You have to sleep quite a bit for the phone to lock though after the alarm goes off.

  5. I tired this out; it’s a good start.


    1) if the connection fails for any reason when setting the alarm, the app hangs forever in “connecting to server” (Such as when you have the phone disabled and are using wifi. ) – in order to close the app you need to do a phone reset.
    2) what you actually get is about a 20 second loop of “Hello —-. It’s (time). Temperature is (n) and humidity is. Headlines [headline 1, headline 2]. DOW Jones is [] and NASDAQ is [].

    3) Registration is required to run the app. This seems pretty odd, since really it just needs to submit GPS coords and get back relevant data. I’m probably a bit overboard in terms of privacy demands, but any time I hand over my name, email address + home location I have to wonder how it will ultimately get used.

    It is pretty cool, but I’d call it more of a good start than a really helpful alarm app at this point. I’ll be keeping an eye on it for updates…

  6. I know why it didn’t work for me before. Unfortunately, I’m always awake before my alarm goes off.

  7. Like the concept, worked well when testing but unfortunatly did not work when set as an alarm. tested and if my SlideLock was not on,the alarm ran with a high pitch sound rather than the female voice, when SlideLock was on (it is set to auto lock after 30 minutes) nothing. On BES and Torch. Also experienced major lag, but to be fair, not sure it is this program…have removed, no longer any lag. I will let a version or two go by and try again. Love the concept, just not working for me as of yet.

  8. Since I got this, I already got and update and it is working great. I can see this as a very good product in the long run. I hope we will eventually get a checklist of the type of news we’d liek to hear. It’ a great concept. I’m much more likely to be awake after listening with music or a traditional alarm I’m really more likely to roll over and put it back to snooze.

  9. Anyone tried it on a Storm/Storm2 in the landscape mode charge pod?

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