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RIM Acquires tinyHippos A Mobile Web Development Team

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RIM today announced they have added tinyHippos to their BlackBerry family. I have actually used tiny Hippos Ripple application on my Chrome Browser. Not really sure what RIM’s Plans are but the company has been a big promoter of widgets in the past. This makes me think RIM will be user their talent to add some of their coolness to the BlackBerry environment including the PlayBook.  Both RIM and tinyHippos have post on their webpages an announcement.  You can read RIM press release here and tinyHippos at this link.

About tinyHippos:

“We are developers, entrepreneurs, and geeks. We have extensive experience in web and mobile widget/web development and we’re building tools to help make mobile widget and mobile web development less painful.”

RIM has this to say about the acquisition:

Today we are pleased to announce that tinyHippos has joined Research In Motion (RIM). We’re excited that the tinyHippos team is joining the BlackBerry Developer team and bringing their expertise in cross-platform emulation environments to the BlackBerry platform.

tinyHippos are the makers of a mobile environment emulator called Ripple and have extensive experience in web and mobile widget/web development. If you are not already familiar with them you can find out more about tinyHippos at

We have been integrating support for web technologies like HTML5 and BlackBerry WebWorks into our developer platform, and working to continually deliver enhanced tools and frameworks to our developer community. We look forward to working with the team at tinyHippos to further provide a simplified and streamlined experience to our developers.



Thanks to Tashana for the tip.


Source: RIM and BlackBerrySync

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  1. RIM – now powered by tinyHippos.


  2. I’m tired of these minuscule acquisitions…why can’t they buy Google and Apple? Lol

    • Nice, I’m down for a hostile takeover of google. As for Apple, RIM hasn’t been one to drink the koolaid 🙂

    • I’m not too familiar with TinyHippos but I have to say, their list of acquisitions has me impressed an intrigued. They have the OS in place, now they’re focusing on other aspects of the user experience.

      • Nice point to note off. Perhaps they should acquiire EA and make the gaming experience for phones….

  3. Right now, I’m not sure I’d put anything beyond them. Apple gets all the love but quite frankly, I wouldn’t sleep on RIM because right now, we’re seeing a strategic aggressiveness from them. RIM seems to have embraced risk-taking (but with a strategy) while Apple seems to be settling back on their marketing and buying trends. iTunes has actually digressed. iPhone is nothing but minor tweaks…its Blackberry that has the diversified offering line.

  4. I wonder what sort of cool stuff we could be seeing with these guys teamed up with TAT?

  5. Love the acquisitions!

  6. Expecting some cool developments here…

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