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Jim Balsillie Says BlackBerry OS 6.1 is a “Major Upgrade”

blackberry OS 6.1

RIM earnings calls are usually really boring so I skipped the one yesterday. They tend to just have a rant or two by Jim Balsillie along with Apple lovers asking stupid questions. This past earnings call was a bit different from what I gather with Jim Balsillie talking about the BlackBerry OS 6.1 upgrade coming this Spring.

According to what I caught from Engadget Jim was saying that BlackBerry 6.1 is a major upgrade. It is what BlackBerry 6.0 was supposed to be which makes me wonder why its not BlackBerry 7… Here are some select quotes caught by Business Insider:

  • "The demand in interest in those products is, like, amazing."
  • "The scrambling for them, and trying to get special circumstances for it, is super intense for the various new products."
  • "The meetings with the carriers on these products and the level of commitment is outstanding."
  • "It’s a very substantial enhancement to the product in some profound ways."
  • "The products this summer have enormous interest, carrier engagement globally is extremely high."
  • "Their jaws dropped — the carriers’. They love it. And the biggest risk that we have is getting it certified and getting it to market in a certain time."

Anybody else excited? Check out what we know so far about BlackBerry OS 6.1 at this link.

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  1. Really. Those are some bold words, even from Jim. My interest is increased

  2. I’d like to hear him say it. Can anyone post a link to a tape of the call.

    “Jaws dropped” is pretty interesting.

  3. Did I miss it or is there no release date of this version?

  4. Come on RIM, a release date for the Dakota please.

  5. Ronen. Whats your gut feeling in Jimbos comments? Up to date we thought 6.1 was an incremental update. Now its not.

    Which way do you lean?

  6. I guess what is really means is 6.1 is what 6.0 should have been. Actually I like 6.0 (and I like my torch). I think they really should have had faster chips in the torch, the OS seems fine to me.

  7. I’m actually MUCH more excited personally for a Montana and a Monaco running 6.1 than I am about PlayBook. Even with pb’s cool features and cool QNX OS, I see myself much more interested in a traditional BlackBerry smartphone than I am in a tablet. Probably my cr48 spoiling me, 12″ screen and full keyboard and 8-10 hours on a charge makes spending money on a tablet not very logical in my book. Other than the Bridge it does all the productivity enhancing that I see a tablet doing for me.

    • I don’t see the value of that over any other laptop and it isn’t even lightweight. My Sony Vaio Z sees 10 times better and lighter. I hope it’s supposed to be cheap (which vaio Z isn’t) otherwise why lug around something that is almost 4lbs.

    • DavidB, didn’t you hear the news… its not cool if you don’t have a touchscreen! Come on man.. get with the times!………………..

      • @cattonb:
        ” its not cool if you don’t have a touchscreen!”
        Did you not see me say I am looking forward to a Monaco and a Montana? Both are touch (Storm3 and Bold Touch).
        If you mean the cr48, yeah, I know its not touch but I’ve been using touch screens off and on with my computers since my first resistive in the mid 80’s and I’m still not sold on their utility for general computing. I’ll take a keyboard and mouse over a touch screen on a PC any day.

        • DavidB….. I was just joking…..clearly the news has not said “its not cool if you don’t have a touchscreen.” You don’t need to defend your coolness…. I think your cool with your fabulous moustache alone… and your reference to first resistive in the mid 80’s because in the mid 80’s I was born….which means you have been into tech for as long as I have been alive! 🙂

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