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Giveaway: Win an iDapt i3 Universal Desktop Charger

IDAPT - i3 Black - 2 Devices - Tip rightHere is a cool device that I been using for quite some time, the iDapt i3 a multiple device charging dock. Most of my devices can be charge with a USB, but when I got it figured I’d only use the USB charging port but I was wrong. My brother, girlfriend use other devices hat aren’t USB so when they come over they use the iDAPT to charge theirs also.

The IDAPT  3 allows you to simultaneously charge up to 3 different devices at once and comes in four colors even pink for the ladies or whoever loves the color pink.

Features and product description:

Simultaneously charge three different portable devices and clear cord clutter with one affordable system

  • Interchangeable “quick release” tip system allows for easy, customizable charging system
  • Compatible with over 3,500 brands of mobile devices, including Apple, Nintendo, PSP, Blackberry, Garmin, and more
  • Package includes either six of the most popularly used interchangeable tips (for BlackBerry and other devices miniUSB, microUSB, iPod/iPhone, Samsung 4, Nokia 2 and Sony Ericcson 2), or you can custom chose 4 tips
  • Available in black, silver, white, and pink



You can purchase it at the following:

Available at: and (usually you find them cheaper than the MSRP on amazon)

Price: $49.99 MSRP



GIVEAWAY:  For a chance to win simply leave a comment below. Comments must be left before Monday March 28th.  Only one comment allowed per person.



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  1. I think this is looks really cool.

    Wondering how it matches up to something like the powermat.

  2. Cool, I already have a powermat, but I could use something for the home office

  3. this would be great for all the smartphones and mp3 players in the house

  4. This looks great. would love to have one.

  5. Cool – now you can ensure everyone else in the house has their phone charged – for a change

  6. I like the look of this – thanks for the giveaway chance :-)

  7. Great device, thanks BR for the contest, good luck to everyone.

  8. love it want it

  9. Looks like great charger for my night stand! No more felling around in the dark for the correct cord. Just set it, and forget it.

  10. I could really use this!

  11. Very nice…. I hope to win

  12. Who wouldn’t benefit from one these? I’d like one please!

  13. This looks like a really practical solution. I’ve got multiple ‘berrys that need to be charged, and this would be so much better than a mess of cables.

  14. This would be great for my nightstand!

  15. What a Device ! God, it will really save my Life… My wife for being angry for not charging her mobile with mine. Now this is very easy with iDapt to charge all the device including my blackberry and her mobile with my brothers mobile too. This is to be called iDapt Family Charger. Love it for capacity more than one, which a married man doesn’t have. Phew !!!

  16. Its cool looking. Will help me with my bb and ipod.

  17. Nice. I would luv to have it. Would do me good.

  18. awesome awesome giveaway… i can definitely use this beside my bed

  19. Woo hoo. You guys get all the good toys! I sure hope to win. I’m guessing this might do the PB too? Would sure love to find out. Great contests BR!!

  20. I could be using that now…three phones for three people plus other gadgets and limited outlets!

  21. I could use one for the my wife’s and my own BlackBerry. The third would go great for my Archos 5 IMT.

  22. Awesome giveaway. Count me in. :)

  23. This looks pretty cool.

  24. Wow. Interesting concept.. I wonder, can they make a dock charger connector for phones with docking pins such as bold? 😀
    (Means charge via docking pins)
    Since we can’t sync..

  25. Looks neat. I haven’t heard of it before but I could see it being really useful on road trips.

  26. This is not less than a revolution for me. Here in India, we live in joint families and essentially require this kinda device. Awesome for the whole family.
    Sleek Design ! Liked it ! Need One !

  27. This is a very cool item.. It would be extremely useful and I hope that I am the lucky one that wins it 😀

  28. Had to win once, so try all thew times…

  29. I would love to say i1 an iDapt i3 charging dock and proudly display it.

  30. I wanna win.

  31. I’ve been eyeing one of these, especially since the wife went iPhone and now seems to always be searching for a recharge.

  32. Very nice…can I have it…^^

  33. iDapt i3, one product for many purpose of user

  34. wow this little thing is pretty unique

  35. well this rocks my world. :) thanks much for the contest!

  36. I have one of those chaging stations from Khols/JCP and its a pain trying to fit all the charges (4+) into it and have cables hanging all over the place – iPhone, iPad, BB (miro USB), & Win 6.5 HD2 (mini USB) Phone.

    This looks like a cleaner solution

    Does it have enough charge for an iPad as well ?

  37. I love it. Kinda pricey though.

  38. This is wicked. I love that you guys add the video to the post.

  39. I like this one for my 97!

  40. This is awesome!
    I love to win!

  41. Let me be the one!

  42. I love berryreview!
    It’s a great giveaway!

  43. Charge free!

  44. Wonderful giveaway!

  45. So great!
    Thanks to berryview!

  46. This would be awesome to win being in a RIM-Apple household. Lol

  47. This will be perfect for me…


  49. I would love to win this. Thanks again, BerryReview for another great giveaway.

  50. Oh wow, would love to eliminate cords and simplify my charging needs, in ANY color!!

  51. I have a lot of gadgets that I can use this on. Count me in.

  52. Not too bad for $49.95. I could use it definitely.

  53. WOW! All those electronic devices on my desks can now charge and be found at one location on my desk. Great job IDAPT 3 (y)

  54. Nice product. With all these cords I have to charged mine and the wifes phone, plus a ipad and android this would come in very useful for us. Here’s hoping to win a great ALL IN ONE charger. Good luck everyone and thanks BR for the chance.

  55. Hope to win

  56. Would love to win one. This would clear up so much clutter on my desk it isn’t even funny.

  57. Great to have

  58. Looks pretty cool. There are many chargers out on the market and each seem to bring something different to the market (even though they all do the simple charging). Nice you can plug, unplug, move plug etc.

  59. This thing is pretty cool. Would make cord clutter a thing of the past on my kitchen counter. In fact if I think I would get one for the kitchen and one for the office. Slick trick by IDapt

  60. I already have one of these (I know I’m being greedy) I actually have the idapt 4 which lets you charge up to 4 gadgets – anyway whoever wins, they are great :))

  61. i need one for my Curve 9300

  62. Looks cool! I can use this one!

  63. Would be nice for me and the missus!

  64. I love neat charging systems such as this!

  65. Wow, this would be a great item to have to charge all the gadgets I have.

  66. Count me in.

  67. Wow this looks really cool. I hope I win this. It would def come in handy for me.

  68. Looks like a handy device…

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