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Developers: Free BlackBerry PlayBook Offer Ends March 31st!

Developer promotion PlayBook 

With all the potential BlackBerry PlayBook developers out there I thought I would post this reminder. RIM’s offer for a free BlackBerry PlayBook for developers ends at the end of the month! (unless they extend it again) That means if you have not already submitted your app to App World by March 31st then you will not be eligible. RIM is essentially giving away a $499 device so I would get cracking.

RIM sent out this email to developers yesterday confirming that you only need to submit your app to App World by March 31st 2011 not actually have it accepted by then. That means you have a few days left. I have already submitted my app and I hope it goes through… 🙂

Here is the full email from RIM:


Last call. The BlackBerry® PlayBook™ will be shipping April 19, 2011. As a BlackBerry App World vendor, one can be yours—free of charge—if you submit your BlackBerry PlayBook app by March 31, 2011*.

The BlackBerry App World approval process will not impact your qualification. You just need to submit your application before the March 31, 2011 deadline to remain eligible for the free offer.  Approvals can come after the deadline!  For full details on the Free BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Offer, refer to our terms and conditions. You’ll find guidelines for developing an app at the BlackBerry Developer Zone.

We’re making it easier than ever to complete your vendor registration so you can qualify for the free offer. Under the new, streamlined registration process for BlackBerry App World vendors you just need to submit a photocopy of any Government Issued ID.

We sincerely appreciate your support of BlackBerry App World and we’ll be watching for your BlackBerry PlayBook application with anticipation.

Thanks for your participation!

The BlackBerry App World Team

* Fee BlackBerry PlayBook offer subject to terms and conditions

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  1. I would like to pay someone $200 for an app worth getting a free one.

  2. There is also some suggestion (in the twitter conversations from #askbbdev) that they’re working on getting the PB shipments out to developers “as soon as possible”. Perhaps to be received prior to official release? That would be an interesting twist…

  3. Hope your app is accepted Ronen! Care to tell us about it?

    • Right now it is simply an offline reader for BerryReview. Grabs 10-20 articles and stores them in an offline database. Working on getting it to store the images too. Then going to make it refresh when it has an internet connection every few hours. Waiting for RIM to add a notification API.

  4. Hey Ronen,

    I’ve already had my app approved by RIM for the PlayBook! Best of luck to you man and if you need any help, let me know! 🙂


    • Jeff, congrats! What does your app do?

      • My app is a table of the elements; catchy colors and a good amount of information with preview images built in. I’ve also made the game “Jump All But One”, which is the classic came of the triangle and golf tees and you have to jump all of the golf tees to get 1 left. Lastly, the game I’m working on now, is called “Pegs and Jokers” which is a popular card/board game in my family. 🙂

        I’ll continue development for the PlayBook too, especially since its significantly easier than for the BlackBerry, lol.

      • By the way, thank you Jym for the congratulations!

    • Nicely done Jeff! Any word from RIM on your PlayBook? I heard they were supposed to push them out sooner to developers who were approved.

      • Last I heard from them was my shipping confirmation. Not that it had been shipped yet, but that it will be shipped soon.

        I also heard developers are the priority. So that’s great for a company to hold true to the contest and then make those contest winners priority over the consumer market, I can appreciate that 🙂

  5. Congrats Jeff. I wish i was in your position right about now. Look forward to seeing your apps on AppWorld

  6. Here you guys go:

    Decided to publish mine up in BlackBerry App World.

  7. Right now it is simply an offline reader for Berry-review.Thank you Blackberry playbook2011! I hope to see many more than just my apps in app world.

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