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BBM Video Icon Shows Up on the PlayBook During Demo With Rogers


In yet another demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook, Jeff Gadway touches on the Docs to Go suite, bridging with your BlackBerry, and the uncompromised web. He doesn’t mention this BBM Video application that we’ve heard about before.

I’m interested to see exactly what the BBM Video interface looks like and if video chat will be enabled with non-BBM contacts. I’d also like to see what this ‘Intranet’ icon is about and see more of the capabilities of the BlackBerry Bridge.  If the name is BBM video it  is possible that the video application will be PIN based and that the PlayBook will have it’s own PIN number.

Luis posted some possibilities of the BBM app making it to the PlayBook a few weeks back. It will be interesting to see if he was on the right track.

Check out the video below and see if you can spot the icon.

PlayBook demo with Rogers

Via PlayBook Daily

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  1. Wow another sweet find by Berryreview.

    God this thing looks more promising every day.

  2. I know right? Can’t wait!

  3. Oh yeah! Oh yeah!! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Yes, I’m doing my dance! 😉

    The PlayBook’s real jewel is finally revealed!!!! Oh sure, Android app support is huge, but BBM Video finally sets the PlayBook ahead of Apple’s iPad2.

    RIM is really rocking right now! I really want to see what this looks like and how it integrates with BBM.

  4. HAHAHA….your dance huh?

    • It’s something I’ve been waiting for RIM to announce. Certainly, it is a big selling point for me, and I don’t care if the PlayBook has Skype or some other third party videoconferencing tool. It must be native and it must be well integrated into BBM; this is why BBM video is a must. I thought they would incorporate video directly into BBM but, perhaps for now, it’s a separate app. As long as you have access to your BBM contact lists, I’m good 😉

      • I hear ya Joe, but if BBMVideo is exclusive to PlayBook OS, how useful can it be if you van only video chat with other PlayBook owners? Its cool and all, and would be very cool in a corporate rollout sense, but I just can’t get all that excited about it (yet) when most of my friends have already left BlackBerry for iPhone or Android. Two years ago my main circle was 100% BlackBerry, now its less than 1/4 and none of those who’ve switched are hot for a PlayBook (again, yet).

        • Agreed, but I can see this moving to the new handsets this summer! You need to reach a critical mass to get it going as BBM did, and supporting other services like Skype will be even better!

          The thing is, if RIM didn’t make it available today, it will not propogate to the masses in sufficient quantities. Apple is experiencing the same with FaceTime, but as it reaches critical mass, people will start using it more often. In fact, people will start to buy the iPhone 4 & 5 just to get FaceTime. RIM needed to ensure that they offered this with the PlayBook and ALL future BlackBerry devices to ensure they are in the game.

          In other words, it is more of a necessary strategic move than a immediately useful one.

          I think in time, some people will be enticed to return to the BlackBerry platform after RIM releases OS 6.1 with the next generation devices starting with this summer. RIM needs to be even more aggressive in bringing it on!

          I see a few dual core handsets coming this spring, but none on the horizon from RIM just yet. The Android-based Motorola Atrix looks very impressive with its large 4-inch screen, 1GHz dual core processor, and 16 GB on board memory.

          There is no room in this hotly contested market for sleepers. You snooze, you lose.

  5. BBM video conference?! Nice!

  6. What doesn’t this thing have? Seriously. For a blackberry owner this is incredible. Even for non blackberry owners this is incredible. WOW

    • RIM should steal a page from Sony’s PlayStation 3 marketing: “PlayBook, it only does everything!”

      I’m waiting for the iOS emulator this summer 🙂 Oh yeah!

      With a platform so versatile and powerful, anything is possible!

      Guys, doesn’t the PlayBook look awesome in this guy’s hands? That thing is so amazingly fast and powerful, and everything looks so polished and fluid. I can’t wait for April 19th!

  7. Does anyone know what the tiny beige squares are on the BBM, Contact, and Calendar icons? Is that some sort of notification indicator?

  8. I read somewhere where it states the Video chat will have Skype as well. Hopefully it includes third party as well as the integrated app, so you can video chat with BlackBerry and non BlackBerry users.

    • I think it might even have been Ronen, but at least some other blackberry blogger who got to play with a pre-release said it had a skype app on it.

      As was sais above there really isn’t much point in having video if it doesn’t have skype since no matter how many they sell the fact is most people you know won’t have one.

  9. Now, I have never tried ftf chat, so I can’t necessarily knock it, but, I still don’t get the appeal. I don’t want to look at the person I am talking to. I guess for live feeds of an event or some other purpose would be cool, but, ftf chat….. I don’t think its for me..

  10. This is the most exciting development! Too bad the handheld device can’t use the app as there’s no front camera…

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