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RIM Releases Enterprise Activation App for BIS Plan Users!

RIM Enterprise Activation BIS

I am loving RIM right now. DavidH let me know that RIM has just released a free Enterprise Activation app in App World. This app allows “activation of BlackBerry® smartphones for use with BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express or MDaemon Messaging Server, BlackBerry Edition over the wireless network using most personal BlackBerry data plans.” In other words it allows you to activate a device wirelessly with a BIS plan. Something that was previously limited to only BES plans from your carrier.

I know that RIM has been pissed for awhile that carriers were tacking on a $10-15 surcharge on BES plans and made enterprise activation impossible on these cheaper BES solutions. RIM has done a royal run around the carriers on this one and now you can activate wirelessly without a BES data plan. The only catch is that it is only available for a set number of device models.

You can check out the Enterprise Activation app now in App World here

Here is how RIM describes the app:

The free Enterprise Activation application download enables activation of BlackBerry® smartphones for use with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express or MDaemon® Messaging Server, BlackBerry® Edition over the wireless network using most personal BlackBerry data plans.

The application is designed to give users access to advanced functionality in a few easy steps and to help make it easier for administrators to set up BlackBerry smartphones on an organization’s email servers.

It helps connect users with their organization’s email server quickly for access to wireless synchronization of email, calendar, contacts and more.

It also makes it easier for individuals who have acquired BlackBerry smartphones for personal use to use the same smartphone for business purposes quickly by enabling activation and synchronization without needing to connect to a computer.

The Enterprise Activation application requires:
• A BlackBerry® smartphone running BlackBerry® Device Software version 5.0 or later
• A compatible personal BlackBerry® data plan 
• An enterprise activation password provided by an administrator
• A supported version of BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express or MDaemon® Messaging Server, BlackBerry® Edition

For support, visit to review the document ‘BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express 5.0 SP2 – Activating Devices That Are Associated with the BlackBerry Internet Service Over the Wireless Network.PDF’

Currently it only supports these devices:

BlackBerry 8330
BlackBerry 8520
BlackBerry 8530
BlackBerry 8900
BlackBerry 9000
BlackBerry 9300
BlackBerry 9500
BlackBerry 9520
BlackBerry 9530
BlackBerry 9550
BlackBerry 9630
BlackBerry 9650
BlackBerry 9700
BlackBerry 9800

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  1. The only significant device missing from this list is the 9330

  2. This makes good sense for RIM. It recognizes where the mass of their revenue is sourced, device sales, not software or service like full up BES. A big win for small businesses!

  3. so, I can’t use this to connect to BES, right? It needs to be BES Express…?

  4. Does what it says on the tin, but completely useless as it is behind AppWorld, requiring a login.
    Most of my clients don’t want users installing their own applications and block them – so certainly do not want them signing up for AppWorld accounts.
    If this was available outside AppWorld then it could be installed as part of the handset deployment process. Its only 14k as well, so is probably just overriding whatever hides Enterprise Activation on a BIS plan. Nice try RIM – you do get Enterprises, but trying to force AppWorld on everyone who isn’t on a BES plan isn’t going to work.

  5. A nice step forward RIM!

  6. Will this allow BlackBerry Users that using Hotmail/Windows Live Mail to utilize the Exchange ActiveSync Features for Mail and Calendar services now as we can do w/ iOS (iPhone/iPad)?

  7. pls i want e-mail and password for bis enterprise activation on my blackberry 9530

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