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RIM: BlackBerry PlayBook Will Support Android 2.3 Apps!

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I am still floored by this. RIM has just sent us an email confirming that the BlackBerry PlayBook will run Android 2.3 apps. This is a pretty crazy move and will allow developers to easily port their Android apps to BlackBerry. This is a serious double edged sword for RIM and really has me wondering if RIM has some deal with Google on the side. So far all we know is there will be a downloadable player making this all possible…

According to RIM:

Developers currently building for the BlackBerry or Android platforms will be able to quickly and easily port their apps to run on the BlackBerry Tablet OS thanks to a high degree of API compatibility.  The new optional app players will be available for download from BlackBerry App World and will be placed in a secure “sandbox” on the BlackBerry PlayBook where the BlackBerry Java or Android apps can be run.

Developers will simply repackage, code sign and submit their BlackBerry Java and Android apps to BlackBerry App World. Once approved, the apps will be distributed through BlackBerry App World, providing a new opportunity for many developers to reach BlackBerry PlayBook users.  Users will be able to download both the app players and the BlackBerry Java and Android apps from BlackBerry App World.

The BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry Tablet OS are built on the QNX® Neutrino® microkernel architecture with a 1GHz dual core processor and a leading OpenGL solution, which allows RIM to make this incredibly broad platform support possible.

Pretty crazy stuff right? Let us know what you think the the comments!

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  1. this can’t be good for hardcore BB developers. Now they have to fight with 100K of free android apps

  2. HOLY CRAP! this is nice.

    Question, I am not familiar with the depth of Android Apps, does this mean that the Playbook instantly has available on-device PIM apps?

  3. another question, will the apps running the “sandbox” have access to hardware like the cameras, the buttons, the outputs? For example, will a QR scanner built for Android have access to the camera on the Playbook?

  4. Hope the same with BlackBerry soon. there a few android apps I like.
    Android devices might start using BlackBerry also I’m thinking. Like BBM!
    Could be a two way deal with RIM & GOOGLE, 2 of my favorite companies. NICE! 🙂

  5. The real issue is whether google will port their native android apps, like google maps, google talk (with video), and the android gmail client, to the playbook. If so, then I’m “all-in” on the playbook.

    • I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t.

      • Yes, although some app developers might be fan boys, most are in it to make money there is not point in ignoring the millions of people that will have a playbook or future BB phones so as long as it’s dead easy to do this there is not reason not to and many $$$ reasons to do it.

  6. sounds very promising but really want to know how easy is it for them to do it.

  7. This is great news. I’m curious to see how many get ported and what they are able to do.

  8. Yay for cross breeding!!!

  9. Another rumor proven to be true. I think this is excellent news for both RIM and Google.

  10. I could see this coming as there were many hints and leaks but this is still a stunning development and announcement! Kudos to RIM for making this happen.

    On another note, the stock is being hammered in the markets internationally because RIM doesn’t have enough competitive products to bridge the gap between the Torch last summer to this summer when their new smartphones are launched.

    The PlayBook’s launch will help but there are also some significant launches this spring & summer: BB OS 6.1 (which should really be tagged 6.5 since it’s a significant upgrade!) and several new handsets of interest including the lllonnnngggg awaited Storm 3, Bold Touch, & Torch 2.

    This should significantly boost earnings for the summer & fall in anticipation of the QNX-based OS 7 later this year or early 2012. In other words, I’m not worried about RIM’s growth over the next year or two. BlackBerry OS 7 will give RIM’s future devices a significant boost in performance and functionality above many of the current competitor’s OSs.

  11. Thats really great news for android app developer bcz through this they can touch tha blackberry app world.

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