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PlayBook Promotion Pictures From Best Buy and Future Shop

While I was checking out pre-order details on and I browsed through the PlayBook galleries and was pleased and surprised. For the most part, the pictures look great. But there are some pictures that leave me thinking…what the?

playbook in handplaybook walking

There is a big time focus on portability here, which is fine. Is it just me though, or does the PlayBook on the right look significantly smaller than the one on the left? I know, I know, angles and lighting and distance and stuff. Still, looks quite disproportionate.

playbook suit pocket

Which brings me to the next picture. As much as I’d like to believe this PlayBook will fit into this debonair gentleman’s inside suit pocket, not so sure that’s happening.

Keep reading for more pictures and my personal favourite…

playbook not portrait

What the heck happened here? This one made me laugh. Were they trying to demonstrate portrait mode and snapped the picture before it switched orientations? I’m going with pure laziness here. This looks like a simple rotation of a stock photo. How hard would it be to get a quality picture of a PlayBook ACTUALLY displaying correctly in portrait mode?

playbook in hand walking blue

Who needs a handbag when you have a PlayBook? I actually liked this one. How ridiculous would this look with the same person holding an iPad? In my opinion, 7″ is the perfect size.

playbook media player

At least the media player still looks awesome! Smile

What do you guys think about these promotion pics? Have you pre-ordered your PlayBook yet?

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  1. If you go back to one of the first videos on the PB, Mike Lazaridis had the PB in his jacket pocket.

  2. I want to get my hands on one and try it out before buying

  3. Talking about portability. That’s the key for me.

  4. Not interested. In my opinion… Rim’s products just don’t have that “wow” factor anymore. They’re behind the times playing catch up to everything that’s out there. And no I don’t own any Apple or Android products. But I probably will in the near future. I’m so done with Rim and their BlackBerry phones. I feel no incentive to continue giving them my money.

    • You… realize we’re not talking about a phone here, right? This would be about the tablet, which matches specs with the current leading edge hardware devices?

      Just checking.

      • I know the this is about the tablet and not the phone. Duhhh…. I made the comment abut the phone because that’s what I own. A BLACKBERRY PHONE! Now check that!

  5. Clearly Photoshop. No tablet screen looks that clear outdoors from that far away.

    • I sort of agree with you, my first thought was that it was a dummy unit (mock screen like in-store display phones) and that’s why it never switched orientation and looked good regardless of the angle.

    • Wait…till you hold one in your hands.
      Did anyone imagine the screen resolution or quality of the Bold 9000 when it came out, eh?

  6. Still wondering if it’s too small for me.

  7. The only picture I think that would help their adverts would be of me..holding mine. lol

  8. So many tablets on the market in the coming months. Interesting to see who actually survives this battle for supremacy with the exception of apple. They have such a strong fan base.

  9. Remember the BlackBerry curve that stopped a bullet?
    Well, lets see if the PlayBook will match up now…lol 😀

  10. this absolutely weird.

    the first time a Canadian website has gotten their pre order up on a rim device before everyone else… sweeet

    go canada goooo

  11. i can fit my nook color (approx. the same size as the pb) in my jean pants.. im not a big boy either lol

  12. If the playbook is the same size as the Galaxy Tab, then it will fit inside a man’s inside suit pocket. I tried it on one of my husband’s suit jackets.

    • I think it is the same size as the Tab. I’ve tried my brother’s Tab and it was a very portable and comfortable size for a tablet. I tried his Xoom and found it too big and uncomfortable for long use.

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