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BlackBerrys Gaining Stronger Penetration in Younger Market

ComScore Users BlackBerry Younger

I was wondering what the story was with RIM’s “hip” advertising this past year or so. Kathryn @AdAge pointed out an interesting tidbit in ComScore’s “Year in Mobile 2010” report showing that RIM is making headway in lowering the average age of their users. RIM has been advertising heavily to the younger market to get them to use BlackBerrys and associate them with being “Cool” instead of simply a business/enterprise productivity tool.

The crazy part is that it seems to be working. A majority of RIM’s demographic profile, according to ComScore, is now under 40 especially when you consider the newer OS releases from OS 4.6+. I want to meet these users who still have OS 4.0 but that’s a different story.

So I thought I would ask all of you. Do you feel “cooler” than last year? 🙂 Here I thought it was all about efficient communication tools instead of being a toy or status symbol.

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  1. I feel older then last year…

  2. I still feel older because it might be that I still have my Pearl Flip.

  3. its all about their bbm addictions.

    next on intervention….

  4. I do see this, it will be interesting to see if OS 6.1 and OS 7 will manage to keep teenage girls with BB instead of jumping to iPhone.

    Also not sure about letting other platforms have BBM. If RIM can hook teenage girls then boys will follow (think bars where women get in free). If boys need BBM to get the girls then the only guys left with android phones will be nerds. LOL

  5. And here I was thinking all the younger folks were dumping their BBs left and right, if they had them in the first place. Seriously, every single damn time I mention something BlackBerry-related on FaceBook, I find myself having to defend why I haven’t already switched to iPhone or Android in the comments. Its seriously getting old. Almost no one I know actually uses a BB by choice. (That being said, I do see plenty of BBs in use by people I don’t know, when I’m out and about.)

    Of course being a developer with a serious BB commitment, platform switching is *much* harder for me than most of my friends seem to understand.

  6. I was speaking at a HS last week and the majority of the students had BBs. I think it is all about the keyboard and the incredible amount of text communication that they do.

  7. Wow. I didn’t know it skewed that old. I see a lot of young ones with blackberrys. Even in high school.

  8. I feel way to old because I had the BB 6510…damn that was a while back.

  9. Its all about what they want. A phone with tons of apps for entertainment or a phone with a great keyboard layout for texting and bbm.

  10. Certainly BBM is very popular in high schools. Right now, it’s either the iPhone or BlackBerry for teenagers. FaceTime is Apple’s answer. The trouble with FaceTime right now is that carrier data plans do not have special rates for FaceTime, whereas BBM and Instant Messaging is available on the cheapest data plans. This will change as data rates get more affordable.

    I was surprised to see that many 4.x users and even some 3.x users. Try to ditch those ancient BlackBerrys folks 🙂 Some carriers are probably selling the Torch for $0 if you stick with them for 2 years. Your BlackBerry experience will be far more enhanced 😉

    Likely, those with those ancient devices are on prepaid plans.

  11. True… BBM is MAJOR reason to stay or join blackberry. Example, my wife’s sister and her husband both use iphones, but the daughter uses a blackberry just for BBM.

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