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BlackBerry App World Doubles Downloads in 6 Months – 3 Million Downloads a Day

App World 3 million tweet

Every few months or so RIM has announced some stats on how many downloads App World sees on average per day. Alex Kinsella, Product Manager at RIM for BlackBerry App World, mentioned on Twitter that App World is now pushing 3 million app downloads a day. That is some pretty impressive growth from RIM. Here are the stats we have learned until know with dates:

Pretty impressive work for RIM. They need to keep up this consistent growth and usage of App World to compete in the mobile game. Keep up the good work guys!

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  1. App World really needs to push their apps, not so much as quantity, but quality and more creative integration with other apps. A widget that has the media player (play, pause, stop), camera, and voice recorder on the home screen would be nice.

  2. they were all upgrades to appworld 🙂

  3. Wow! It’s true that lately I found myself downloading apps from app world. It seems the quality is just getting better.

  4. How many of these “apps” were just lame eBook readers for a specific book? They shouldn’t even be allowed in App World.

  5. I should pay more attention when reading. It’s downloads not apps in App World. Duh!

    It probably is a lot of upgrades to programs. I see updates almost daily for and a few others seem to get updated at least once a week. They should count how many NEW downloads there are.

  6. It’s important, yes, but MUCH MORE important would be to get the 2011 BlackBerry 6.1 devices launched. Look at the time frame we’re talking here RIM! People are coming out of their 2 year contract and you have essentially NOTHING new and hot to offer them, and it has been like this for well over 6 months. And all those new devices are faster and have far more RAM and can thus download many more apps. Me, I’m carrying both a Storm and a Tour, itching to upgrade both, and you have nothing to offer. Sorry, no, a Torch or a Style isn’t it for me, and a Bold is just too “old” feeling. And a Curve? Forget it.

    Come on RIM, wow us at CTIA with a final day “oh, and one more thing” sort of last minute press announcement of a half dozen new devices REALLY coming this summer! I can hold off my urge to go Android for a little bit longer, but it’s getting harder every day to resist.

  7. DavidB I went iPhone a couple of years ago and it was terrible. Back to BB. Maybe you just have to go to Android, but you know the new devices are coming in summer and you will likely regret your choice when summer comes.

    • @kiddo:
      I hear ya. And I know the new devices are coming. Problem is, they are year old plus 2nd generation single core cpu’s, while all the hot new Androids coming this summer are 3rd generation dual core. I’ve been a big BlackBerry fan for many years, and I WANT RIM to succeed, but honestly other than PlayBook their hardware is a generation behind and the gap looks to be growing.

      • At least based on cursory playing around, I would say that Android needs dual cores to keep it performant. With some exceptions, BB’s have performed well on 3-year-old CPUs. The significant speed bumps this summer should keep them competitive for software that can take advantage of it.

        That said, it’s only a matter of time until OS7…

  8. Wow! Fantastic! A 50% increase in just over a month!!!! Very, very impressive. The PlayBook isn’t even out yet.

  9. Decent increase. Based on an exponential increase going forward, it would look rather promising for RIM

  10. Oh and I think APPLE might sue over the APP WORLD name. Not sure if anyone saw that they were suing Android over their APP STORE name. lol

    • Apple is suing Amazon, not “Android”.

      It would be quite a stretch to apply Apple’s disputed trademark over “App Store” to “App World”. Extending it to Amazon’s “Appstore”, maybe…

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