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Sprint Will be the First Carrier to Integrate Google Voice

Google Voice Sprint

I have to commend Sprint on this one. While most carriers are afraid of Google Voice (or any change) Sprint seems to embrace it. They just announced that they will be launching an integrated Google Voice experience on their network. They will allow customers to set their existing Sprint wireless number as their Google Voice number. You will then be able to use Google voice without having to port your number which will be available to all Sprint CDMA phones.

This means you will be able to use Google Voice for call routing, screening, blocking, recording, voicemail, and more. You can sign up to be notified when this feature is rolled out at this link though more details can be found in the press release.

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  1. I’ve been trying since the initial beta to get excited about Google Voice. But now that I work from home, AND just dumped my home phone service, I can’t get excited about having a GV number that rings through to my cell.

    I also found the voice to text transcription to be essentially useless. Rarely did it ever get even close to what the caller said.

  2. I just wish that there was a nationwide carrier (like verizon or AT&T) that had a deal similar to virgin mobile here in the US. They have a plan that is $25/month with unlimited text and data but only 300 minutes. Add that with an actual google voice app or a true voip client and you could have a good cheap means of communication.

    • Yes, true VOIP from GV would be awesome. I know Ronen has had a BlackBerry VOIP dream for a LONG time, as have many of us. But aren’t Sprint’s BlackBerry plans pretty much already unlimited voice calling? So not sure true VOIP would end up cutting a Sprint BlackBerry plan price by much, if anything at all.

  3. Lets just home more carriers are able to jump on board and it isnt exclusive like Skype is for VZW

  4. I’m still waiting when does google voice will work in asia 🙁

  5. I wonder if you’re still able to use the Google Voice app if you use this option from Sprint.

    I don’t mind porting my number over to Google from Sprint however I need to have the ability to use my existing Google Voice numbers like I currently do on my Epic with the GVoice app.

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