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BlackBerry PlayBook Pricing and Retail Stores Announced

PlayBook Unwrapped

The floodgates have more or less broken. RIM has finally confirmed the prices for the three different models of the BlackBerry PlayBook. They have also confirmed that it will be available in more than 20,000 retail outlets in the US and Canada. The pricing is nothing mind blowing but its toe to toe with the Apple iPad:

  • BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB Wi-Fi Version – $499
  • BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB Wi-Fi Version – $599
  • BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB Wi-Fi Version – $699

The thing is these prices are MSRP so expect retailers to lower them to compete after launch. Here are the stores expected to carry the PlayBook in the US and Canada:

United States Canada
–  AT&T
–  Best Buy
–  Cbeyond
–  Cellular South
–  Cincinnati Bell
–  Office Depot
–  RadioShack
–  Staples
–  Sprint
–  Verizon
–  BlackBerry from Wireless Giant

–  Bell
–  Best Buy
–  Chapters / Indigo
–  Costco
–  Future Shop
–  Mobilicity
–  MTS Allstream
–  Rogers
–  Sasktel
–  Sears
–  Staples
–  Telus
–  Tbooth Wireless
–  The Source
–  Videotron
–  Walmart
–  WIND Mobile
–  WIRELESS etc.

PS: Anybody notice that Amazon is missing from the list?

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  1. So which of those stores will you be preordering the contest winners’ PBs from? 🙂

    • Don’t know yet since Best Buy has estimated delivery dates stretching to April 26th.

      Yeah but losing Amazon is a huge retail channel opportunity lost. They also tend to offer the lowest prices…

      • Looks like Staples may even be a better place than RIM’s own ‘retail partners’ BB and Futureshop.

        Plus in Canada you can use a $50 off coupon for!

  2. Part of me is surprised no Amazon, part not surprised. They do after all have their new Android App Store, could they have a similar plan for BlackBerry and PlayBook?

    I Still think these price points are each at least $50 if not $100 too high. As much of a BlackBerry fan as I am, PlayBook currently can not go head to head dollar for dollar with iPad2. Tens of thousands of cheap apps, larger screen, etc.

    • Agreed. Even going as little as say $20 or 30 cheaper (479) would make a difference at least psychologically in consumers’ minds. Matching the ipad will invariably just make people compare them side by side and see the screen size difference

    • A larger screen for many is a negative. Since I already have a laptop for work, it doesn’t make sense to have to lug around a large heavy iPad as well. As for apps…. really…. I don’t want to sift through 200k+ apps. Give me some really useful apps that help me. If I had 10k quality apps to choose from, that would be more than enough. Maybe I think differently than most, but I’m content, UI and productivity driven.

      • Hi Todd,

        Alex from RIM here. I couldn’t agree with you more when it comes to the portability advantages of the PlayBook. I did a ton of hands-on demos at SXSW last week, and pretty much every person I spoke to said the PlayBook was the perfect size to carry around in their purse or coat pocket. What’s more, at 7-inches, 0.9 pounds and 0.4 inches thin, PlayBook still packs a powerful punch with 1 GB of RAM and a 1GHz dual-core processor, all powered by the new QNX-based BlackBerry Tablet OS for true multitasking.

        This new video quickly shows what BlackBerry PlayBook has to offer ( To pre-order the BlackBerry PlayBook you can go to Best Buy online or stop by a Best Buy store near you today.

        Alex, RIM Social Media Team

    • Yes, but Apple products almost never are sold much less than MSRP. I believe the retailers will be discounting these to compete with each other.

      • Agreed beamolite. I also suspect we will see within the next few days a whole slew of “pack in” bundle deals since PlayBook itself comes with so little itself. Bundles with cases, BT headphones, stands, so on.

  3. I hope they dont do the $100 more in Canada BS… our dollar is above par at the moment, and NY State has less tax than Ontario… so if they pull some BS up here with pricing ill take the 20 minute drive to Buffalo and pick one up at Best Buy.

    If not, I will be buying one from Bell in Canada.

    I also see Office Depot missing from the Canadian list, wonder why they arent pushing it there as well.

    • Yeah it’s weird. No Office Depot in Canada, no Costco or Walmart in USA, what’s up with all that?

      I’m a bit surprised to not see Fry’s on the list.

      Everything I’ve seen so far has shown $ parity in USA vs. Canada pricing. Hopefully that sticks.

    • its up for preorder at the same prices on

  4. yeah Barry, I am not jumping until i see what the carriers have to offer for incentives and data sharing.

  5. I really wanted to give my money to amazon, definitely my preferred vendor. Never had a bad experience but have been buying things from them for quite some time. Guess maybe Staples now for me instead….

    • Agree with you there Daniel. Amazon would be my preference too since I have their credit card and I’m a Prime member.

      I was just looking at my order history the other day…I’ve been buying from Amazon since December 1998 (Hunt for Red October DVD)!

      • Love Prime…I’m still on my 1 yr free student subscription and I’m seriously considering renewing, especially now with the movies on demand.

      • Love that case in the picture above…smart move by RIM creating Built for Blackberry program. Those are some awesome accessories.

  6. I agree with Todd. I believe that the Playbooks portable size – “7”, multitasking, unmatched web browsing and enterprise security is an advantage over the competition. That being said, they should make the Playbook less expensive than the IPad 2; if only to peak the interest of the average consumer, who may see the IPad as the more well known/established tablet. I also believe that they should include all the blackberry features: BBM, email, calender, contacts in Playbook and incorporate a security scanner – similar to the Atrix smart phone. That way they can include these features for the non BlackBerry user as well as provide their security.

  7. Just noticed Costco will be selling it in Canada but not US, shame…maybe we’ll still be able to buy it online

    • I believe the costco purchase through canada might be a bought through wireless wave in store and not on costco canada website. But that’s just a guess. But if it is through costco I would be curious on how long the warranty might be.

  8. I’m still disappointed that I have to wait almost one more month for this, but I guess if it’s because they have perfected it then it’s worth the wait.

  9. It’s about time they let us know when it will be available and for how much.

  10. The pricings are too close to ipad to be competitive in my opinion

  11. Awesome news with different retailers. Hopefully that means some competition to bring this down to sale prices.

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