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BlackBerry PlayBook Launches April 19th – Preorder from Best Buy

BlackBerry PlayBook Preorder Best Buy

RIM dropped another piece of news on the BlackBerry PlayBook this morning. They announced the US and Canada launch date and pricing for the BlackBerry PlayBook together with Best Buy. Best Buy is “a preferred retailer for the BlackBerry PlayBook” and they have opened up preorders for all three models of the BlackBerry PlayBook in the US and Canada.

As we said before the BlackBerry PlayBooks featuring 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of storage are priced at $499, $599, and $699 respectively. It is scheduled to be available in stores on April 19th though you can preorder it now from the links below. RIM is wording their announcements stating that you can “Get it first” at Best Buy which more or less confirms the April 19th launch date. I am not sure what pushed the Q1 launch date well into Q2 territory but hopefully RIM has some more good surprises planned.

U.S. Blackberry PlayBook Preordering @

Canada Blackberry PlayBook Preordering @

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  1. Did anyone notice?

    It seems like it says:
    included item: “blackberry Playbook and User manual”

    No chargers? No accessories??

  2. 2 minutes after 8. Who’s already ordered?

  3. Some at CB have noticed Staples usa has it for preorder as well with delivery date of april 11

  4. That’s good news.


  6. Odered

  7. Cool, can’t wait to see how the price drops in the next few months.
    Oh, no March 27th major retailer anonymous tipster confirmation date yet??? Lol

  8. Well, at least they announced it before the slew of Android tablets hit shelves.

  9. Disappointed… was really hopping for the March 27 date for the US. Would have done a road trip to the states for the playbook.

    Wonder what the issue was… they been stockpiling the playbook since the beginning of February.

    I guess I’ll wait for a price war now.

  10. not jumping for a pre order yet until i see carriers get them and see if they offer any incentives

  11. I’d rather not buy from Bestbuy so I’m going to hold on preordering. If I have to, the 19th is a Tues, I can’t imagine there will be lines at the local retail store.

  12. Did they have to make the release date the first day of Passover?
    Maybe they wanted the release of the Playbook to symbolize the exodus from the bondage of the iPad and other tablets.

  13. Come to papa! What’s with BestBuy Canada having it for $999.99? Are they trying to put off customers. Someone should get slap that’s just going to make customers think its actually $999.99.

  14. As to the “I I am not sure what pushed the Q1 launch date well into Q2 territory…” RIM didn’t miss the Q1 launch criteria.

    When a business talks in terms of quarters, they speak in terms of their personal fiscal quarters. It RIM’s fiscal year end is Feb 28th, that puts March-May as their Q1. They are right in the middle of their first quarter. RIM never said that they would ship the PlayBook before April. They just always said Q1. It was the media’s fault for spinning it as Jan-March. However, I feel that RIM is also to blame a bit for not correcting the media on their error.

    • The exact words RIM used from

      The BlackBerry PlayBook is expected to be available in retail outlets and other channels in the United States in early 2011 with rollouts in other international markets beginning in (calendar) Q2.”

      They specifically called out calendar Q2 for international rollouts and it really is no wonder that most media got confirmations that “early 2011” did not mean April. I know for a fact that the internal release dates were pushed back multiple times from early March to April.

    • Good point. I think they wanted to do Q1 as in Jan-March but couldn’t meet up. Just a quick update to my last post. The BestBuy Canada now has the official prices $499 (16GB), $599(32GB), and $699 (64GB) rather than $999.99 for all three models.

  15. I can’t figure out why Amazon is not selling this item, but I’m guessing that Best Buy must have made a deal where they would provide more support or advertising for it, if Amazon didn’t get it. At least I ma hoping so. Amazon doesn’t advertise as much and I’m hoping these retailers will throw in PB advertising as part of the deal to sell the product.

  16. You guys can all go pre-order your playbook, I’ll just win the March contest 🙂

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