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T-Mobile 3G BlackBerrys Will Need to be Replaced With AT&T Merger?

AT&T T-Mobile aquisition

From what AT&T is saying now they plan on repurposing T-Mobile’s AWS 1700Mhz 3G band for LTE services. From what I understand that means that T-Mobile 3G BlackBerry owners will have to change phones to keep their 3G connection. This is because current BlackBerrys do not have both T-Mobile and AT&T 3G bands enabled.

From what I have heard from my RIM contacts the difference between a T-Mobile 9700 or 9780 and an AT&T one is simply a software change. Still it will be interesting to see how AT&T-Mobile handle this change. Will they simply tell users to upgrade to keep 3G? Will they just upgrade the firmware somehow?

via Yahoo – Thx Corinne for the tip!

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  1. “From what I have heard from my RIM contacts the difference between a T-Mobile 9700 or 9780 and an AT&T one is simply a software change. ”

    I hope this is the case because I have a 9700.

  2. Same, I don’t know what will be out in November when my contract is up but if QNX isn’t out yet, I would have no problem going with a 9780.

  3. I am not concerned about having to change phones. My question is how much will AT&T raise my monthly wireless costs.

    This acquisition will do nothing for consumers

  4. These service provide is more concern about maket share and profit not customers. I can bet they will not go with an OS update. New phone/upgrade=extended contract or spend a lum sum for a phone without contract.

  5. If it means t-moible users selling their blackberry, i’d be a buyer of a used one. That way i can switch to wind mobile in canada.

  6. It will be over a year before the companies merge, and I’m sure they will support both groups of customers before slowly phasing out one of the networks, likely T-Mobile’s 1.7 GHz HSPA/HSPA+. By that time, new customers will have new handsets anyway.

    On another note, I was very surprised to see Bell Canada, up north, sporting HSPA+ at 42 Mbps.

  7. Not only will it take a year or more to actually merge the companies, after that, it will still be another year or 2 before they get around to doing anything. By then, we’ll all be sporting 4G Blackberries anyway, and won’t be affected by this 3G nonsense.

    On a more personal note, I am very angry about this whole thing. I have always been very happy with tmo. My personal belief is at&t feels they need to purchase tmo now, while they can, before tmo aquires sprint and leaves them and their iBrick in the dust.

  8. I wonder if we will see carly from tmobile getting assimilated by the borg AT&T that would be so hot.

  9. Keep in mind this is NOT a OS change to enable other bands, it would be much lower level firmware change to enable different radio frequencies from the RF chip. RIM has to get different FCC certification on a ATT 9780 versus a TMO 9780. Its not user level software that would have to change. I’d have to look at low level hardware specs to see are the RF components exactly the same? I wasn’t aware RIM was using Software Defined Radio chips.

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