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RIM Sued Over Wi-Fi Patents Along with 16 Other Companies

Mosaid Suing Everybody

A friend told me recently that it is impossible to design a cellphone or practically any mobile device without infringing on some companies or individuals patent. That was just proven correct again with Mosaid suing 17 companies over Wi-Fi patents including RIM. These companies are supposedly infringing on six patents used  in Wi-Fi systems such as how it finds networks and the multiplexing technology that allows for the newer 802.11n speeds.

Mosaid wants everybody to pay them for using their patents unlawfully and obviously wants to ban the sale of everything ever made with Wi-Fi in it. Something tells me this will lead to a whole new round of settlements. The odd part is that Mosaid actually makes hardware and devices unlike other patent trolls though it is focused on flash memory. Anybody for some patent reform? via Electronista

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  1. Poor RIM, only named TWICE while companies like Huawei and Murata get named three times!

    Despite the fact they actually produce a product, I’d still rank them up there with the “patent trolls” of the world. If they were suing all these folks over a patent related to something they actually PRODUCE, I’m on your side Mosaid. So, I’m curious if this is some patent where they actually developed that which is patented, or did they just “obtain” the patent somehow and are looking for a pay day?

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