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New Gloss Theme from BBT Themes – 25 Freebies!

There’s a lot to say about Gloss…so much so that I can’t possibly put it all here in this post, but I will say it’s one HAWT looking theme. Kris from BBT Themes always creates some slick and incredibly functional type themes and Gloss is no different. Featuring a highly flexible design that allows you to change panel colors and opacity levels along with the fact that it’s available in a variety of BlackBerry devices makes this one theme that is worth trying. It does cost $5.99 and that’s my max for most themes however, Gloss is well worth the cost. For those of you who are quick though, head to the purchase link, select your theme style and device and enter coupon code berrygloss25 at checkout…well you don’t have to pay anything. It’s yours free. Just be sure to thank BBT Themes in the comments section if you get lucky. These go fast so hurry! BIG THANKS TO BBT THEMES FROM ALL OF US AT BERRYREVIEW!

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  1. Not working in BerryReview and Mobihand store…

  2. Awesome. Thanks, BBT Themes and BerryReview- downloading it now. I always love BBT’s stuff and I’m sure this one’ll be no different!

  3. Very nice thanks!

  4. Loading theme now. Thank you to BBT Themes and BerryReview!

  5. Nice looking themes Kris, thanks for supporting BerryReview with your offer!

  6. Oops, a little late for this one. Great looking theme, tho

  7. Haha. Weird that I recommend this theme in a different post and it shows up here.

    This theme is absolutely beautiful. It’s well thought out and rather intuitive. It definitely takes advantage of the touch screen.

    The only down side to this theme, IF you can even call it that, is that landscape mode isn’t supported. However, turning it to landscape brings it to the application screen.

    I missed out on both of bbtdesign’s offers. Was too late for his twitter giveaway and too early for this giveaway, but I don’t really regret it. I wish I knew how to post pics for those still debating on this theme. It’s definitely worth it.

  8. This is a great theme (once you get it setup and understand how it works). Maybe I missed the shortcuts or how to find them quickly, but in case anyone has the theme and wants them, here are those Shortcuts:

    TOUCH shortcuts and buttons (SEE LAST SCREENSHOTS for touch navigation):*Press ESCAPE to hide elements on the homescreen **White boxes show elements, red icons hide**Red banner brings you back to the homescreen Non-touch shortcuts:*Press alt R (3) to show today, press ESCAPE (button right of trackpad) to hide*Press alt Z (7) to show weather, press alt X (8) to hide*Press s to launch Universal Search***Change Universal Search options to “Application Shortcuts” for best results Homescreen Application Shortcuts (use uppercase (Caps) on letters)O=Options, K=Calendar, N=BBM, M=Messages, $=SMS/MMS, L=Profiles, @=ConnectionsSpacebar launches the 12th icon from your appscreen

  9. I’m late! :'(

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