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Charted Representation of Radiation Doses Exposure

radiation chart

One of our readers, Phoenix, let us know about a graphical representation created by Randall Munroe to chart out ionizing radiation doses from different sources. With all the talk and scare about radiation going around from cellphones to nuclear meltdown I found it gave me some perspective. Keep in mind the creator did put disclaimers about the accuracy. Still it is kind of interesting to see how cellphone radiation (which does not produce ionizing radiation) figures into the grand scheme of things.

Check out the original chart here and sources here

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  1. took me a bit to take it all in and understand it.

    i see the creator also has a sense of humor with the bananaphone joke

  2. I’m so glad I bought one of those radiation shield stickers you stick to the back of phones. I feel so protected I am considering moving to Springfield, next door to my friends the Simpson’s.

  3. I got wind of this radiation business when it was found that the phone actually stimulates certain parts of your brain closest to the phone. As a pensioner, using a basic SVC phone, I briefly considered the benefits of getting a more of a microwave style phone, just to stimulate the old grey matter again. I don’t have any worries regarding the radiation, but I do think the youth need to be protected from phones…and not only because of radiation.

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