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BlackBerry App World Rolling Out – No Change Log

App World Update

It was not long ago that RIM upgraded App World to v2.1.0.39 to add in app payments. Now we have an updated v2.1.1.2 spotted by Bla1ze @CrackBerry. We have no idea what is new in this version since RIM has not bothered to update the release notes. My guess is that it is all about the bug fixes.

See if you can get the update at or simply wait up to 7 days for RIM to finally deem you necessary of the upgrade.

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  1. I always wonder why change logs aren’t included even if it’s a simple bug fix. Makes me wonder if it’s worth the memory and time without change logs.

  2. wish they could make it remember my information every time and not have to enter a password every time I download anything. I can understand for paid apps for for free apps its just really really annoying

  3. I have been using the App World usb sync and it shows all updates right away. From the previous Facebook to this BB App World one. Neither showed the newer versions on BB after even the “rst” deal. Quick and easy. 🙂

  4. I clicked the link and I’m still getting the old app world 2.1.039

  5. Havent gotten it yet..

  6. changelog? we’re blackberry users we dont need no steekin’ changlog!

    • Yeah…I’m not too awful much concerned about lack of changelog in 3rd and 4th digit version number changes. That’s just minor bug fixes and clerical corrections and such if they follow the ISO standards.

      Any significant change to or addition/deletion of a feature should trigger a 1st or 2nd digit change and SHOULD have a public change log.

      RIM has NEVER been of the habit of publicly releasing change logs for anything 3rd digit or lower. Even 2nd digit changes have usually been announced more from a marketing perspective than a technical.

      In all honesty there really shouldn’t be any big deal or major NEED to upgrade from say 2.1.0.x to 2.1.1.x. Once 2.2.x.x or 3.x.x.x hits, that would indicate a generally important to upgrade.

  7. It is complete arrogance on behalf of RIM, Google, and many other large software vendors lately not to provide release notes. They must think it is an acknowledgement of guilt or something.

    Release Notes give consumers insight into the purpose of the release: what’s new, what’s fixed, what’s missing. It allows consumers to make intelligent decisions to upgrade or not to upgrade.

    Some upgrades are actually downgrades for specific users on specific hardware. For example, a 2 MB version of App World may add tons of features to users of OS 6, but for me on a much tighter Storm 1 platform with OS 5, it would do nothing for me but consume more of my precious 128 MB of memory!

    My Storm 1 running OS 5.0 has very, very little available memory, so now I must be extremely selective with the apps I install & upgrade. If there is a problem or security fix, I will prioritize the upgrade, which is often much larger each time around 🙁

    Once I upgrade, there is no going back to the older version. There is no way to install older versions of software. I don’t want to upgrade just to find that the only benefit is to better support OS 6.0, which I can’t run on my Storm 1 anyway.

    I am now “stuck” on an ancient version of App World as the new one is well over 1 MB. I have no idea if there are security holes in my version or whether or not there is a new feature worth upgrading for. I depend on sites like BerryReview to give me that context.

    Why not something official from RIM? Why not something as simple as “OS 6 improvements added” so the vast numbers of OS 5.0 users don’t have to waste their time only to receive a downgraded product — one that sucks more precious RAM!

    • I think you’re getting a bit worked up over this Joe! 😉 As I also carry a Storm though I feel your pain.

      “I am now “stuck” on an ancient version of App World as the new one is well over 1 MB. I have no idea if there are security holes in my version or whether or not there is a new feature worth upgrading for. I depend on sites like BerryReview to give me that context.”
      Yes, if you are still on a 1.x.x.x version of App World you ARE missing out on BlackBerry ID and some other pretty cool new features. I would say from MY perspective, unless there are specific apps you WANT that your “ancient” App World won’t let you install, I wouldn’t upgrade until you can dump that Storm for a higher capacity device (Storm3 anyone?).

    • I agree with David B that your a little overworked.

      As time goes passes, tech goes up and there comes a point where old hardware cannot be supported but thats not the case here.

      I have the Pearl Flip and I have limited memory and I also have OS which has not been updated for 2 years and half. I really hate the limited Memory for apps but I have the newest App World 2….39. So I it can be done but you probably have to find out ways to shift resouces to get the best from your phone.
      I am waiting to upgrade when TMO releases the Bold Touch.

      Your right about the release notes but since it was minor, I can assume its to fix some bugs

  8. I just now finally got the upgrade to come over. I’ve checked at least 5 times a day since this was first announced. See if you can get it now too 🙂

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