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RIM Hunting for Name & Numbering Manager for Products and Services

Name and numbering

It was just last week when I pointed out that RIM is running out of model numbers in their current numbering scheme. Then @Cathystaylor pointed out that RIM is looking for a “Name & Numbering Manager” or a “Naming Architecture Manager.” This persons responsibility will be to “Help generate and facilitate the naming of new BlackBerry product and services.” Talk about a cool job! Whomever they choose probably needs to come up with 5-15 names a year max and he is golden.

Check out the responsibilities for the job:

  • Help generate and facilitate the naming of new BlackBerry product and services
  • Develop processes that streamline requests and the collection of information
  • Help educate internal stakeholders on naming best practices to advocate cross team naming collaboration
  • Successful candidate has the ability to develop strong collaborative relationships with key stakeholders and teams such as Creative Excellence, Legal, Brand Strategy, Competitive Intelligence, Consumer Insights and Product Management in the determination of names
  • Successful candidate will initially work within an established process but, will also be able to identify ways to make the naming process more pragmatic and streamlined – including the introduction of new processes and routines 

Always thinking how you could have come up with a better name that RIM for a device or service? Think even a monkey can come up with sequential model numbers? Check out the job listing today and apply to prove yourself right! 🙂 I would apply but I am not sure I could survive the weather in Waterloo. If I could my first order of business would be naming all prototypes after characters from Greek mythology. Codename Zeus or Thor would be sweet!

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  1. I guess RIM has realized, much like many of us, that they need to revamp the numbering of the QNX based phones. Going to 5 digits just isn’t going to cut it. I’m a little surprised at the title though. I would have thought they’d refer to it as something more like Brand Architecture Manager. I can’t imaging telling someone you are the “Naming and Numbering Manager”. It just sounds a little silly.

  2. How is this even a job?

  3. I dunno but I want the job!

  4. I want this job!

  5. You can’t tell me u would pass up a great job at RIM over over the difference in weather between Waterloo and NYC. There isn’t that much of a difference between the 2.

  6. Waterloo is part of the snow belt, but it also has Kitchener near by, a great little city with a heavy german influence.

  7. Isn’t it easier to have contest for naming or numbering? I think it is more fun and involves all the users. The most voted or liked is the winner.

    Or just do like Nokia did, after 4 digit numbering system now using 2 digit numbers with leading alphabeth, 8210 -> N80, 9500 -> E7, etc

  8. That’s kind of a random job title.

  9. I am wholly unqualified for this job.

  10. Just when RIM had something close to logical going with the numbering scheme in the 8xxx series, along came the 9xxx series and it all went meaningless again. I see no hope for RIM ever achieving a consistent model numbering scheme, they let the carriers have too much say.

  11. this would be the best job ever!

  12. This is most hilarious! I’m with Eric and several other posters. I always thought it was easy to name devices. Who cares about numbering? Look at the mess of numbering between Curves and Bolds?

    I say, call the next Bold, the Bold Touch 2011. Next year’s Bold Touch will be the Bold Touch… ahhh, let me think… (wait, I have to pull out my calculator), oh yeah, 2012!!

    Okay, RIM, I demand $90k for this monotonous & rather boring job! Yes, you’ll have to pay me BIG just for taking that job. After all, my mommy will be embarrassed at my job title!

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